Cubs Fan Rod Blagojevich Gets 14 Yrs; 4/5 Illinois Governors in Prison


Rod Blagojevich, seen above signing some important legislation into law. Actually, he’s signing boobies outside Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs a la Happy Gilmore.

Today, the infamous Cubs fan known as much for his science defying hair as he is for his Nixonian level of delusion about his own power/self-perception that he is above the law got his.

He fought the law and the law won as Blago goes to prison for 14 years. THAT’S RIGHT ILLINOIS, 4 out of our last 5 GOVERNORS HAVE GONE TO PRISON!!! PLACE AT THE TABLE!

All of the sudden all those Chicago White Sox fans part of the corrupt Daley Democratic machine don’t look so bad do they? Now Pat Quinn, who’s been anything but inspirational seems like FDR compared to Blago and former Gov. Ryan doesn’t he?

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