Meet Sarah Kustok- CSN’s Beloved Blackhawks Reporter


You may have seen the video of a hockey fan telling the sideline reporter “how pretty she is” and how he loves her“…that’s Sarah Kustok

Paul M. Banks has an exclusive discussion with Comcast Sports Net’s Sarah Kustok.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the DePaul graduate on TV covering the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Bulls. She’s had the opportunity to cover a lot of high profile playoff games in multiple sports, and after the jump she’ll tell us all about her amazing experiences, as well as her own backstory.

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Blackhawks playoff game sets TV ratings record- Mania ensuing


By Paul M. Banks

Without a doubt, Chicago, the greatest sports town in the world, is now a big time hockey town; a Blackhawks town.  When attending the White Sox game last night, a huge number of fans wore their Hawks sweater, just like I did. At the Cell, the public address system set off the goal scoring horn every time the Hawks scored during their game 3 5-2 win at Vancouver. Walking between the El, the northside watering holes and my home, I could hear a few people joyously screaming in their own homes when the Hawks scored their final goal, even though the outcome had already been determined by the fourth one late in the 3rd period.

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