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Like Jay-Z famously said: “I’m not a business man, I’m a business; MAN!” I may be a small business owner and entrepreneur first, but after that I’m a journalist who graduated from Illinois, did the first year of his MBA at Michigan State, and is currently a fixture at press row for Northwestern sporting events. So I have a close connection to three of the league’s teams. As the Big Ten expands into a super-conference, it takes someone this entrenched in the league to write about it.

In two days, the first step of expansion will likely become official when Nebraska joins the league. And as it all unfolds, I’m very excited and grateful that I’ll have a chance to opine on it, and possibly reach an even bigger audience with these opinions.

That’s right I’ve officially joined the Chicago Tribune’s blog network Chicago Now. With an all Big Ten site named Big Ten Guru

By Paul M. Banks


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