Patrick Kane, Blackhawks React to Burish Injury


It was the biggest, and most unfortunate, news to hit the Chicago Blackhawks in weeks.

“Adam Burish went into the boards on Sunday night in Minnesota and injured his right knee. When a player like him leaves the ice it is always concerning and unfortunately he suffered an ACL tear. He will undergo a reconstruction as soon as possible and we anticipate a complete recovery. His return will take approximately six months,” reads a statement from Chicago Blackhawks Head Team Physician Dr. Michael Terry.

“I went into the boards goofy. It was one of those goofy plays, I was helpless,” said Burish to a very large crowd of reporters after the team’s practice on Tuesday. Fellow forward Patrick Kane, certainly no stranger to recent heightened publicity, spoke about his fallen teammate:burishwisco1

“Obviously, I know if I was looking forward to the year and something like that happened to me, I’d be devastated, so I’m sure he feels the same way. I talked to him a little bit, it’s tough for him. I’m sure he’s pissed off, and it’s just a bad break, hopefully he can get back as soon as he can.”

Kane himself is having a pleasantly quiet and uneventful pre-season thus far. He sat out the Sunday night preseason game in which Burish was injured, and in the preseason opener last Saturday, he recorded 21 minutes on ice and three unsuccessful shots on goal. That game, a 3-2 loss to the Washington Capitals, was noteworthy because it established a preseason franchise attendance record, drawing a capacity crowd of 19,734.

Last season’s deep playoff run, coupled with the star power of young goal-scorers such as Kane, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp etc. helped the Blackhawks lead the National Hockey League in average attendance (22,247) per game. In order to duplicate that success at the box office this season, it would help to have their army of high-scoring forwards at full strength.

Last season, the 26 year old Burish registered career highs in both goals and points, and today he expressed optimism in his teammates’ ability to pick up the slack while he’s away. “They’ll be fine. That’s the least of my worries. It’s such a good and deep team. For training camp, I’m sure if you ask the coaches, they don’t even know who to put in the lineup, there’s so many guys, that won’t be an issue on this team.” Burish is the team’s best enforcer, and according to Chicago Magazine, the city’s 26th most eligible bachelor. Click here to read what he said about hockey groupies at the Fan Convention in July.

And it’s Burish’s sense of humor that keeps the mood light and positive in the locker room. “He’s very good for the locker room, he’s the disc jockey for one, and he does keep the boys loose. He likes to joke around. Myself personally I really enjoy that, so he’s going to be missed around the locker room more than anything,”
Kane said in describing what Burish’s effect on team chemistry. Kaner also articulated what the team will miss from Burish on-the-ice. “He sacrifices his body for everyone on the team and you can see that when he’s blocking shots, penalty killing, taking hits to make plays, that’s just the way he plays and when you play like that, you’re bound to get hurt sometimes. He’s a great player for us, a key part of the organization and the team, and the fans love him too.”

Blackhawk and Former Badger Adam Burish out for 6 Months


By Paul M. Banks

By now, you’ve probably heard the news, about Blackhawks forward and former Wisconsin Badger Adam Burish: a knee reconstruction surgery and a 6 month absence from the game are now in his immediate future.

“Yesterday was tough, probably the toughest I’ve had since I’ve been a pro…I’m kind of reminded of when I was 18 I was in a pretty serious car accident, a quote that stuck with me was make every obstacle an opportunity, and I’m going to try and find a way to do that and like I told Stan (Bowman, Blackhawks GM) today, I promise I’ll come back stronger than I was before,” Burish said to the number of reporters present at practice. A group that was much larger than usual for a post-training camp practice session.

So when will he be back?

“I’ve probably spoken to five or six doctors in the last 24 hours and I plan on being back March at the latest. Once the surgery gets done, I’ll probably put a date up, that’s maybe unreasonable, but that’s how I’ll go about it and try to shoot for that,” the 26 year Burish said.

Of course, his teammates will miss him on the ice, but he’ll still be around the players off the ice:

“I’ll be around and I’ll make fun of them and tell them how much they suck (jokingly, laughter ensues) but the fun thing, these guys have been great and I think every guy on the team called me yesterday and that’s nice and that means a lot,” Burish said
“And I’ll come bug you guys too a little bit,” he said when referring to the media.

And it’s Burish’s sense of humor that keeps the mood light and positive in the locker room. He’s also the team’s best enforcer, and according to Chicago Magazine, the city’s 26th most eligible bachelor. Click here to read what he said about hockey groupies at the Fan Convention in July.burishwisco
Head Coach Joel Quenneville talked about what Burish does best on frozen pond, “From shift to shift, I think he brings that energy and that attitude that you want in your team, there’s some speed to his game and he plays, I don’t want to say reckless, but he plays a hard game, kills penalties, is useful in a lot of ways. His line might have been the best energy line, they scored a lot of big goals, had a lot of meaningful shifts, and the pace he plays at, is something that comes to the forefront.”

Burish also gave a very passionate soundbite about his desire for the game and how much the freak injury frustrates him:

“Probably the most frustrating part, I worked hard, incredibly hard all summer, even more than in the regular season on getting my body prepared, and then ten minutes into your first preseason game, most of your season’s gone already. And mentally that’s pretty damaging for me. If it was Game 7 of the Cup Finals, you can take both my knees, I don’t care, but a preseason game, after all the time that you spend, that’s what I beat myself up about.”