Name That Flag: Olympic Guide to the Coolest Countries’ Sky Bling


By: Melissa S. Wollering

Part three in this three-part series will help you earn a Gold Medal in Flag Identification during Vancouver’s Opening Ceremonies Friday.  On Monday, we gave you dozens of reasons to watch by telling you about all of the Olympic athletes from the Midwest.  Yesterday, we helped you navigate the channels and figure out when to watch. Welcome to TSB’s Guide to the Vancouver Olympics!

In addition to giving you a small glimpse of the flags of all 82 countries participating in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, we did a little research on countries we’ve never heard of. Now when you hear and see the flags of Azerbaijan, Estonia or Kyrgyzstan you’ll know the announcers weren’t just sneezing on-air. We’ll also make sure you don’t mistake Slovakia for Slovenia or Tajikistan for Uzbekistan.


Azerbaijan first participated at the Olympic Games as an independent nation in 1994 and used to be part of the Soviet Union.  If you want to refer to the people of this country, they are Azerbaijani. Azerbaijani athletes have won a total of sixteen medals at the Summer Olympic Games, in wrestling, shooting, boxing and judo. The nation has not won any medals at the Winter Olympic Games.

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TSB’s Guide to the Vancouver Olympics


By: Melissa S. Wollering

As the Midwest’s premiere sports website, we wouldn’t leave you hanging by one of five multi-colored rings prior to Opening Ceremonies.  We know you want to watch Olympians from the Great Lakes region and sports you’ve only dreamed of trying, like the luge.  No wait; the bobsled.  No, definitely the luge.

You might start to make excuses as to why you’re not available for the next month or so, while in reality, you’re just spending copious amounts of time watching hot alpine ski chicks and the snowboarder who resembles Carrot Top but is called the Flying Tomato. Welcome to your Guide to the Vancouver Olympics!

We’ll break this GIANT preview down into three digestible parts over the next three days to get you excited.

Wednesday: Athletes Worth Watching from Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin

Thursday: TV Channel Breakdown and Day-by-Day Previews for Ultimate Couch Potatoes

Friday: Name That Flag, A Guide to the Coolest Countries’ Sky Bling [Read more…]

Blackhawks well represented on Olympic Rosters

By Paul M. Banks

6 Hawks make Olympic rosters for USA, Canada and Slovakia

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