Revisiting Illini-Northwestern, 1 End Zone Only, at Wrigley 2010



“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you! I’m gonna git ya git ya one way!” Blondie told us in the early 1980s. One Saturday, late in November of 2010, these words applied to a Big Ten college football game. It was more than a Big Ten league game, it was branded the Wrigleyville Classic, and it actually hosted ESPN College Gameday.

It was an in-state rivalry game as Northwestern “hosted” their arch-rivals, Illinois, and there was only one end zone in use that day. Yes, both sides had to drive towards the west end zone. No one could head towards the east due to safety precautions. How did this happen and why?


Well, we’ll tell you in this edition of the “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” podcast. You can read the write-up of it all over at Hammer and

You can listen to the pod at this link. And for a game recap, what we wrote about it at the time, go here and here.

Illinois won, in a massive blowout, and Illini RB Mikel LeShoure broke the school record for single game rushing yards with 330. Here are a couple photos, from the exterior, of the venue that day and the week leading in:



Why are we bringing this up now? Well, in nine days, Northwestern will return to Wrigley Field, and this time they’ll “host” Purdue, in a 11am kickoff on Nov 20.

Here’s more FYIs


Also, if you want to see the layout for what the field will look like for this game, see below:

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