Trevor Siemian “Swagging on Them Boys,” Says London Fletcher


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Saturday night, during a stoppage in play at Northwestern‘s Ryan Field, Trevor Siemian received a major show of support from the home crowd. During a break in the midst of the Wildcats’ 49-7 Bowling Green Massacre (#NeverForget) this past weekend, the stadium video board showed a montage of current #B1GCATS in the NFL.

For some, like Zach Strief with the New Orleans Saints, the image included a mention of their status as team captain. Siemian had this label too, but more importantly he also had QB1 in his display.


While former Wildcats such as Anthony Walker and Austin Carr received thunderous applause, the warmest reception was for Trevor Siemian.

He’s become one of the biggest sources of pride for the program.

Siemian was 22-of-32 passing for 231 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in the Denver Broncos 42-17 thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys, a surprisingly elite performance for a guy who keeps doing enough to one day become a star in this league, and greatly surpasses the expectations of a typical seventh round pick.

This followed up another impressive performance in week one, where Siemian was 17-28 for 219 and two TD passes in a win over the Chargers. Trevor Siemian was riddled by injuries during his college career in Evanston, and when healthy was from a Heisman Trophy contender, or anything on that level.


So who could have seen his stellar development coming? Who knew Siemian would evolve so rapidly?

London Fletcher, a man this site has previously described as the best current NFL Sunday morning pundit out there.

“No quarterback impressed me more than Trevor Siemian in Week 1,” Fletcher said after week one, and in preview to week two.

“I was kind of lukewarm on him going into the season. But when I watched that Monday night football game and I saw some of the throws this kid made; I’m talking about tight window throws that show tremendous arm strength, arm talent. I thought, man this kid, he has it. And then I saw the swag.

“He was out there swagging on them boys.’

The NFL pundit love fest for Siemian continues with Steve Beuerlein, who went so far as to say that the Denver QB1 looks like a “Super Bowl quarterback right now.

The full quote from Beuerlein reads:

“You know who else is learning Trevor Siemian ’s limitations? Mike McCoy, the offensive coordinator. He’s done a great job of really trying to figure out what Trevor Siemian does well. And they’ve really got on the same page. Trevor Siemian yesterday in that ballgame looked like a Super Bowl quarterback.”


“Now, I’m not getting ahead of myself by saying he is that guy, but, I’m saying that’s how efficient he was and how comfortable he looked in the environment there in Denver against the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott, who finally looked human for the first time in his very short career.”

“Trevor Siemian looked like he could quarterback this team in a lot of big games down the stretch. With their defense and the running game that they have, they are going to be hard to beat if they stay healthy.”


Rich Gannon added this:

“It seems like just a little while ago we were talking about a quarterback battle in training camp between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. But, look he is getting more comfortable and confident each time out… He just understands his limitations… They dropped a house on the Cowboys. And this team is gaining confidence around the quarterback. That’s good to see in Denver.”

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