Why You Should Be Excited About Super Bowl Sunday 2021


Super Bowl Sunday is almost here folks, and everyone in the sporting world is gearing up for one of the biggest days in the American sporting calendar.

On Sunday, February 7, two teams will walk out onto that field and play for the trophy that every footballer wants to see in his display cabinet. The Super Bowl!

When Is Super Bowl On?

The Super Bowl LV is set to air on Sunday, February 7, from 6:30 pm. It’s being held at the Raymon James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, and you can tune in live on CBS or on the Westwood One radio network. Viewers in the UK will be able to watch the Super Bowl on BBC one from 1pm Sunday until the early hours of Monday morning to catch the game live as it happens.

Halftime entertainment this year will be provided by The Weeknd.

Although the game will be played using strict COVID safety measures, 2021’s game is set to be a welcome relief from the horrors of 2020 and the global health pandemic.

Here are four more reasons to be excited about this year’s Super Bowl.

It’s America’s Favorite Game

The Super Bowl is, without a doubt, the biggest game of the American sporting season, even the Stanley Cup Final doesn’t come close to America’s love of football.

In normal years, Super Bowl is a time for big gatherings with Super Bowl parties involving the whole family, and many people placing a few Super bowl bets as a bit of a treat.

This year will be a bit different for everyone, but there’s no doubt that it will still be a time for celebration and excitement, and we could really do with that this year!

The Halftime Entertainment

Did you know that the halftime show at the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched live concerts on TV? This year sees a performance by The Weeknd following a successful album and hit single in 2020.

The halftime show promises to boost the viewing figures and keep everyone just as entertained as the game itself.

Great Food

Super Bowl is almost synonymous with great food! Nachos and dips are a fan favorite, but all kinds of other snack foods like popcorn and pizza, ribs, meatballs, wings, chili, and even healthier options like hummus and carrot sticks are popular as everyone tunes in to see one of the best games on earth.

Get your shopping in from the store, grab your snacks from the fridge and settle in on the couch, because Super Bowl LV is tipped to be one of the best games we’ve ever seen!

The Advertising

The advertising isn’t always top of the list when it comes to reasons to get excited about the Super Bowl, but after a trying year in 2020, there is a big hope that the Super Bowl commercials this year will definitely be going down the entertaining and maybe even comedy route to take your mind off of things.

Author: Adrian’s passion for health and fitness sees him pushing himself to the limits, whether he’s rambling around the English countryside, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or camping under the stars in Yosemite. Now a freelance sports writer, Adrian firmly believes the great outdoors is there for all to explore and enjoy.

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