Wes Welker Joins Twitter; Per Chad OchoCinco’s Request



He has only four tweets, the first of which was less than an hour ago, yet he’s got close to 20,000 followers already. New England Patriots star receiver Wes Welker, the NFL leader in receptions, receiving yards and longest reception is now on Twitter (@weswelker). Yes the account is verified.

His ultra-colorful teammate Chad Johnson persuaded him into doing so.

Welker tweeted:

@ochocinco has me trying out this twitter thing. How many followers will I have by this Saturday’s game?! Thanks och!

His funniest tweet is probably this one:

Don’t tell Bill I’m on here! Thanks! Hahaha!

Right, the NFL playoffs don’t need Bill Belichick to suspend him again in the postseason,  a decision that backfired horribly for the Patriots…for simply being a comic deadpan genius in the wake of New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s foot fetish.

Welker also has the endorsement of his teammate Rob Gronkowski, the true NFL star of Twitter. When you’ve tweeted pics of yourself shirtless next to a porn star wearing your jersey, hit on Alex Morgan and sent pics of yourself with a phallic symbol to Kate Upton- all on Twitter, you’re earned a lot of Tweet currency. Here’s Welker’s response/RT of Gronks:

Ur the real sheen!RT @RobGronkowski: Wes is like Charlie Sheen, he is shutting down Twitter today folks! Follow his booty @weswelker !!!


In case you haven’t seen it yet: “Moves like Welker” a parody of the ludicrously over-played annoying “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5, is AWESOME! Watch below

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