Tim Tebow digging Taylor Swift too; more than Dianna Agron?


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We heard about Tim Tebow‘s love triangle with Dianna Agron and her boyfriend last week. Now his triangle has an upgrade, replacing the male angle with a female one. The New York Jets’ new $11 million backup QB is reportedly chasing after country music star Taylor Swift.

So the question is who will it be: Swift or Agron?


From the Huffington Post:

who can we expect to see linking arms with Tebow on such a romantic evening? The rumor mill, ripe with Tebow tidbits, seems to be pinning the player’s leading lady on either songstress Taylor Swift or Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn on Fox’s “Glee.”

Apparently, the two blondes are friends and even checked out a screening of “The Hunger Games” over the weekend. Cute!

However, according to The New York Post, the fuzzy bond that is Swift and Agron may soon devolve into frenemy territory, as both have been invited to attend Tebow’s annual golf tournament.

The April 14th Tim Tebow Foundation Charity Golf Tournament will take place in Florida with a motley crew of invited guests that include everyone from Ben Affleck to Fred Durst.

So there you have it, his golf outing will no doubt turn into a media frenzy, as people will speculate on who he’ll take to the event. And whichever of these two lovely female guests that does show up will no doubt undergo more media scrutiny in the future.

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