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by Peter Christian

Hey did you hear? There’s a football game today, and for the first time in two weeks, it’s actually kind of important!

Super Bowl XLIV is upon us and unless you live in Minnesota (like me) and were actively avoiding any discussion or hype revolving around the game (also like me) you already know all of the key players and factors that are required for either the Saints or Colts to win. You know about Dwight Freeney’s ankle, you know about Breesus, you know about the Kardashian’s (sorry).

The Sports Bank Super Blog will bring you the live reaction of me, Peter Christian to the game, the night, the stupidity of Phil Simms, the atrociousness of the officiating and even the hilarity of the commercials. So check back early and often for your best source of insight for tonight’s Super Bowl.

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It’s 5:05pm (CT)… here we go!

5:18 – Just a few minutes away from kick-off… if you’re wondering the final line is Colts by 4.5, I’ll pick the Colts but I’m not happy about it. I’m also taking the over (56.5), and the Colts (-3) in the first half.

5:20 – Queen Latifah singing “America the Beautiful”? The NFL and CBS do realize she’s not a “singer” right?

5:21 – More confusing than Queen Latifah singing was trying to figure out how they convinced her the microphone wasn’t an ice cream cone.

5:23 – Re: Carrie Underwood’s outfit… did she come straight from a Heat game where everyone inexplicably wears white?

5:29 – Scott Green is the Super Bowl Referee? So facemask penalties are optional?

5:30 – I sincerely apologize to any Packers fan for that last comment and picture… I really do.

5:35 – I really dislike Peyton’s stupid looking jog. He looks way to goofy to be the best QB in NFL history.

5:40 – The first shot of Colts coach Jim Caldwell on the sideline… not surprisingly he wasn’t talking into his headset.

5:43 – The Tebow ad aired and I didn’t throw up until the last 4 seconds… I’m really proud of that fact.

5:44 –’s David Kay reports that he’s got everyone on Jim Caldwell watch… I expect that watch to result in a lot of this:

5:50 – I can’t put into words how proud I am of CBS that Reggie Bush touched the ball and they didn’t show Kim Kardashian

5:51 – Great special teams play from Courtney Roby thus far, but let’s not forget the fact that the Saints offense is struggling. 4 of their last 5 possessions have ended in a punt.

5:54 – Commercials have been disappointing thus far, but the two Doritos commercials have been the best. The one with the kid slapping the guy was better than the one with the shock collar.

5:56 – I also enjoyed seeing Dr. Chang from Lost in that Bud Light commercial, but the commercial sucked.

5:57 – Sorry if you’re cheering for the Saints and you just realized they have a terrible run defense… Exhibit A – Joseph Addai is shredding them.

6:02 – Simpson’s Coca-Cola commercial immediately vaults to the top… Oh and I hope everyone enjoyed their Franzia shower after that Pierre Garcon TD.

6:03 – According to David Kay, a person who will remain nameless was just challenged to eating 50 Skittles… and he did. Congratulations on learning what a rainbow tastes like.

6:05 – I’m not sure if it’s possible for a series of commercials to “Jump the Shark” but Go-Daddy is trying really hard to find out.

6:05 – Doritos re-takes the lead with their funeral commercial. First time I laughed out loud tonight.

6:10 – I watch a ton of TV and none of it’s on CBS, yet somehow they keep claiming to be #1 in everything. Who’s watching all that stuff?

6:14 – Can we just give the Super Bowl MVP to guys named Pierre?

6:17 – A Dwight Freeney sack! Open the floodgates for some serious love of Dwight Freeney from Nantz and Simms.

6:22- Did CBS just put two commercials featuring people in their underwear back to back? I’m wearing pants and there’s no commercial that is going to change that.

6:25 – 15 to 1 odds that Manning swears at Garcon when they get to the sideline.

6:28 – I find it very unfair that CBS is using concert footage of The Who from the 70’s mixed with split second clips from this century. I’m not looking forward to this halftime show at all.

6:33 – The Saints seem to have figured out their offense just in time to give the ball back to Peyton for the two minute drill, which is guaranteed points for the Colts.

6:35 – If you aren’t cheering for a Pierre Thomas TD right now, you must hate Franzia.

6:41 – I can’t believe we’re nearly a half through the game and we’ve yet to see one shot of Archie, Eli, Kim or the Kardashian Who Shall not Be Named (rhymes with flow-ee). Thank you CBS.

6:43 – Ballsy play by Sean Payton, but big stuff by the Colts.

6:45 – For what it’s worth that was the right call by Payton. You either score to tie the game and have momentum or you leave Manning 99 yards in the two minute drill. Cutting the 7 point lead to 4 does nothing when you assume Peyton can run the TMD better than anyone in the history of the world.

6:48 – Nobody can confuse himself better than Phil Simms.

6:50 – Half of the game is in the book, the teams combined… Oh crap, Jim Caldwell is talking. Is this real?

6:53 – OK, I’ve recomposed myself. The first half over/under was not covered, the Colts did cover the first half spread, Joseph Addai has 80 yards from scrimmage (only 17 yards less than Peyton has passing) and both teams have already punted twice. I called 1/4 of that.

7:03 – Millions of people are watching this halftime show thinking its just a giant CBS promo for the CSI series’

7:08 – We should be very grateful that Townshend is not trying to outdo Springsteen’s crotch into the camera move from last year.

7:10 – I really hope parents of young children are playing the “Do you know Who sings this?” Game

7:12 – I must say I really do enjoy “Won’t Get Fooled Again” when I know that David Caruso’s stupid face isn’t only seconds away.

7:19 – If you look to the right, you’ll see that the Snickers “Betty White” ad is being rated the best so far according to and the Doritos “Dying Wish” ad is rated 13th… people baffle me.

7:20 – When the High Life guy started the commercial “We at High Life gave our commercial away…” He wasn’t joking. What a waste of a usually good ad.

7:22 – I said it in the first half, Sean Payton is ballsy.

7:23 – BTW for Hank Baskett, marrying Kendra Wilkinson is still a bigger blunder than muffing that onside kick.

7:27 – Pierre!!!! Franzia Showers for everyone!!!! You can’t score in Miami unless your name is Pierre.

7:30 – Volkswagen takes the lead with the best ad of the night… tough to top that one.

7:32 – The first tweet I had to pass along (from the creator of Lost Damon Lindelof) @damonlindelof Onside Kick was pure BALLS. Ballsier than casting Jake Gylenhaal as a Persian.

7:38 – So CBS decides to finally show the Manning family in the luxury box after a Joseph Addai rushing TD?

7:41 – Do people actually use the KGB service? Why would they pay for a service that ChaCha offers for free?

7:44 – E-Trade follows up the last two year’s awesome Super Bowl ads with an absolute turd… Both my wife and I gave each other Jim Caldwell faces after it aired.

7:49 – A little part of me dies inside every time Garrett Hartley nails a FG from 40 yards or longer.

7:51 – I was trying to summarize my thoughts on the U.S. Census ad, but Darren Rovell did it perfectly via Twitter @darrenrovell1 Easiest prediction of the night: Someone in the Census is getting fired for paying for that commercial

7:52 – And Google boldly tells Microsoft to shove up its ass with that commercial.

7:57 – In order for this game to go over, 24 points need to be scored in the 4th quarter. Oddly, I’m still confident with my over pick.

8:00 – Our friend Jerod Morris from unleashed this tweet: @JerodMSF Somewhere, Derek Anderson is watching this game thinking “That could me!” Even his conscience is laughing.

8:02 – Do you think Peyton Manning thought, “I’ll show those effing Patriots how to run a 4th and 2 slant at midfield”?

8:04 – There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Peyton Manning will threaten to stab Stover in the leg on the sideline.

8:08 – My buddy Joe just asked if the Offensive Coordinator for the Colts is the easiest coaching job in sports? As long as you can deal with Peyton interrupting you and telling you to shut the hell up, yes, yes it is.

8:15 – Jeremy Shockey may be the biggest douche in NFL history to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

8:19 – I am so impressed that Scott Green got that call right. Kudos to him for that. No jokes here, I’m just really happy that an NFL Official pulled his head out of his ass to understand the rules for the Super Bowl.

8:27 – If I ever encounter the Green Police, I’m gonna start a pile of tires on fire.

8:29 – That TAINT is definitely an old school Peyton Choke Job. Some things never change.

8:32 – “I’d like to hear you read some words” Best line of Super Bowl XLIV commercials. Bud Light makes up for a pretty weak showing with that line.

8:44 – I was trying to type bad words about Peyton Manning and oddly my internet connection crapped out… weird how that worked out.

8:46 – The Saints dominated the Colts, Sean Payton gambled when it mattered and New Orleans has a championship. I hope Favre realizes exactly how close he was.

8:50 – Breesus will definitely get the Super Bowl MVP, but the honor really belongs to Sean Payton. If he doesn’t go for it on 4th and goal towards the end of the 1st half and then kick the onside kick to start the 2nd half the Saints lose by double digits.

8:55 – The recap goes like this, I was wrong on 2 of my 3 picks, the Saints played a perfect 2nd half and are now Super Bowl Champs in their first appearance. The best commercial in my opinion was the Volkswagen ad with Stevie Wonder calling out the color and slugging Tracy Morgan and the best line of the night belonged to the final Bud Light commercial.

8:59 – And Vikings fans feel pain yet again… thanks NFL for marching out Len Dawson to remind us about Super Bowl IV, when the Chiefs shocked the Vikings.

9:00 – Why is James Carville wandering around the trophy presentation? I know he’s from Louisiana but is that where he belongs?

I started 4 hours and nearly 1850 words ago, what a game. I had a blast, I hope everyone else enjoyed this game. Now I need to go calculate how much money I just lost on this game.

(Editors Note: The Saints may have won the Super Bowl but the real winners was America. No not because they had the overwhelming support of the nation but because CBS made the concerted effort to not show Kim Kardashian and Kendra in their luxury boxes. That was, in hindsight, the greatest part of the most watched event in the world.)


  1. We know who picked the Saints!!! Out of the 4 TSBers (well 5, Gallagher emailed it in an hr. before kickoff, but I was away from my computer) only one picked the Saints! Geaux New Orleans!

    hey, not a ton of comments here- but a TON of page views!!! especially for Sunday. This was one of the best sundays we’ve ever had traffic wise

  2. God I hate Kendra! thank goodness they didnt show her all game. The Doritos ads had their moments, but really they’re not the same, or even close since Ali Landry stopped doing campaigns for them.

    re: the Tebow ad- VERY MILD and innocuous considering
    1.) all the hullabaloo about it
    2.) the radical right organization that funded it

    but more importantly, who actually gets their sociolpolitical views and core values from a fucking SB spot? Certainly no one with an IQ over 75! at least I hope. Whether you agree or disagree with Tebow’s message who cares? It’s not like he can abort your life or anything

  3. my favorite Phil Simms moment from the evening:

    After the Saints decided the game with the pick-6, he said “at times like that, you go just go with what you do” how pithy and deep. he’s so far above us intellectually. We’re like ropes hanging down from the Goodyear blimp. he is such a brilliant social philosopher, on so many levels

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