Take It To The Bank, NFL Edition Week 2!


By Paul Schmidt

Last week, I thought taking some big dogs would be a great way to start the season.  I was only half right.  I nearly did earn the cover in the Baltimore game, but the Chiefs abandoned Tyler Thigpen for Brodie Croyle. OK, they didn’t really abandon him…but they certainly didn’t play him.  And Brodie Croyle sucks.  I do know that.  Given all that, the Ravens still only covered by one point, so we were all really close there.

As for the Lions game…umm…well, call it a bad hunch.

So where do we go this week?  What did we learn?  Let’s find out with these four best bets of week 2 in the NFL!

Oakland +3 at Kansas City
This is a hunch.  Great Oakland defense, and they’ll be playing a much less…organized, we’ll say…Kansas City D this week.  Plus, when you have either a healthy Brodie Croyle or an unhealthy Matt Cassel…it just doesn’t look good for the Chiefs this week.

Factor in that the Oakland secondary is actually more than capable, and that might mean that a win lies in the performance of Kansas City’s running game.  Do you want your money in the hands of Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles?  I didn’t think so…

New Orleans (PICK) at Philadelphia
The Sports Guy at ESPN said it best, I think: I’m not picking against the Saints until I lose.  Well….I mean after last week…

In all seriousness, until anyone proves they can stop that offense, until someone draws up a realistic blueprint, I think everyone should be putting their money on the Saints and betting the over.  Hands down.  No questions asked.

Chicago +3 over Pittsburgh
The Bears’ secondary scares me, but I also think that “Ben” is one of the most overrated QBs in all of football.  I don’t think the Steelers running game is good enough that they can take this game over, either.

Jay Cutler will have something to prove at home, and if ever there was a must-win game in week 2, this certainly is one.  The Bears need this game.  A lot. A loss could cripple them, and worse yet, will most likely drop them 2 games behind Minnesota (and possibly Green Bay too).

Indianapolis -3 at Miami
I make this pick based on two things: 1) Miami looked miserable last week in Atlanta, and 2) Indianapolis’ offense looked bad against Jacksonville.

Now, I know that it looks like those two things are contrary to each other, but the thing is that Indy’s offense is too explosive to be kept down, and I fully expect that the two-headed hydra of Joe Addai and Donald Brown get off this week.

On the flip side, I have no confidence that the pupu platter of WRs that Miami has will make a dent in the Colts’ very talented secondary.

Last Week: 2-2

For The Season: 2-2

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  1. Paul Schmidt says

    OK…who can beat THOSE mortal locks? Come on….bring it!

  2. Career passer ratings for QBs 26 and younger for those that qualify. Records in parenthesis.
    1. Ben Roethlisberger, 89.4 (51-20)
    2. Jay Cutler, 85.6 (17-20)
    3. Derek Anderson, 75.1 (13-14)
    4. Kyle Orton, 72.0 (21-12)

    Call me crazy, I think Big Ben is rather under-appreciated since everyone credits the defense and the O-line. I think he’ll get 1-2 more rings, up his career rating to around 93, and eventually get a bronze bust in Canton.

    That said, here are my four picks, just for fun.
    1. GB -9
    2. ATL -6
    3. SF -1
    4. NYG +3

  3. Paul Schmidt says

    Not bad Rob, although I don’t like the Giants. I’d be losing the Pack right along with you had I gone that direction. I don’t really understand what is going on in that one.

  4. One thing we get never bet on- JaMarcus Russell ever getting good. 7-24 for 96 yards against a really crappy KC secondary

  5. It’s a Giants-Saints world in the NFC, maybe even the whole of the NFL. Your bet-on-them-until-I-lose philosophy should apply to the G-men as well.
    In the “teams I want absolutely no f’ing part of” department, I think it goes like this: (in order) NO and NYG (then a big drop off to ATL and MIN). I think the balance of power in the NFL could be shifting …

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