Super Bowl Odds: The Four Remaining Playoff Teams This Season


In its 100th season, America’s favorite professional sporting event is about to hail its champion. Super Bowl 54 will take place on February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Garden, Florida. The stadium, home to both Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins, is a new addition to the history of the Super Bowl.

As the judgment day draws nearer, fans have been eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats. Watchful eyes are monitoring odds and probabilities; each one considering carefully the team’s likelihood to win the championship.

Because of this, many people had been continuously checking which teams have the highest odds. Many online sites had offered their predictions, as well as their insights on each possible matchups. For example, fanduel super bowl futures and predictions follow the game closely, making their wagers up to date.


The Remaining Super Bowl 54 Playoff Teams

Kansas City Chiefs

Despite their 35-32 loss to the Titans in Tennessee, the Kansas City Chiefs are still a 7/2 odds of winning. Hailing from Kansas, Missouri, the team was founded by Lamar Hunt in 1960. In the 2018-2019 playoffs, the Chiefs had lost 12 of their 14 last playoff games.

Running back Damien Williams has 12 carries against the Los Angeles Chargers during the regular-season finale. After the return from his injury, Williams had rushed for 124 yards with two touchdowns on the match against Chargers.


San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1946, the team was a member of the All-America Football Conference. They later joined the NFL in 1949 when the merging of the leagues happened.

Just like the Chiefs, they have 7/2 chances of winning this season. Gutting out a 26-21 win against the Seattle Seahawks, they were able to finish with a 13-3 record. With great wide receivers, great running backs, and overall great defense, the stakes are higher than ever, it is up to Jimmy Garoppolo to get the job done.

This season, he progressed, completing 74.3% of his 349-yard passes, one interception against the Saints in Week 14, and four touchdowns.

green-bay-packers season preview

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers took hold firmly of the second-best odds at 7/1 in the conference. Now, they are preparing to host the Seattle Seahawks, with the game primed to be closest to the slate. The Seahawks are fierce competition, but their team is not as complete.

Hailed from Green Bay, Wisconsin, the team is the NFL’s third oldest franchise, as they were founded in 1919. In 2019, the Packers became the 27th world’s most valuable sports franchise, their value running up to $2.63 billion. In North America, they are considered the smallest major league pro sports market.


Tennessee Titans

Being the only AFC club that will play on Wild Card Weekend, the Tennessee Titans are one of the hottest teams in the league. Their public perception will surely soar once they beat the Patriots. Chances of them winning are 30/1.

The Titans are from Nashville, Tennessee, that was previously named the ‘Houston Oilers.’ The name was changed in 1997 into Tennessee Oilers before changing it again in 1999 to their current one. They started playing in 1960 as a charter member of the AFL in Houston, Texas.


With the date still looming quite far away, the chances of these odds changing are still high. These eight teams have shown enough promise this season, racking up odds in winning Super Bowl 54. It’s now up to fans to figure out where they will place their bets.

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