Super Bowl 46 drinking game


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One of my favorite articles to write every year is the annual NCAA Tournament Championship Drinking Game. Here are the three we have done in case you missed them; 2009 Michigan State vs. North Carolina version, 2010’s Butler vs. Duke game, and this past season’s Butler vs. UConn Drinking Game.  I even did a NBA Draft drinking game last summer.

I figured since I have zero rooting interest in Super Bowl 46 between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, that I would create a drinking game to keep myself, and those who could care less about the outcome of the game, thoroughly entertained.

Our lawyer insists we add the following: The Sports Bank is not responsible for anyone dumb enough to actually try this and the harm to his/her body that would certainly occur if this game was played.  If you are idiotic enough to attempt keeping pace with this game, please have your local emergency room on stand-by and do not drink and drive.  Thank you.

Every time one of the following happens; take the required amount of drinks:

If Kelly Clarkson messes up the words of the National Anthem: All guys must wax a piece of their chest hair off… Use Everclear as a pain killer

Any time Giselle Bundchen (aka Tom Brady’s wife) is shown in the crowd:  Puke and rally (not because Giselle is ugly but because that seems like a very model thing to do.)

Any time Peyton Manning is shown watching from a suite: Last person to chant, “Cut that meat” has to do a shot of Beefeater Gin

eli manning face

If Eli Manning has a look on his face like he just caught a whiff of a nasty fart: Last person to raise their hand has to drink a warm, skunky beer

Whenever Rob Gronkowski’s injured ankle is mentioned: Tweet an inappropriate picture of yourself to your favorite porn star (a Gronk favorite; click here for pics), then pop a bottle of champagne

When they show David Tyree’s “The Catch”: Shotgun a tallboy of PBR, then crush the can against your head like it was Tyree pinning the ball against his helmet

If Tim Tebow is mentioned: Go to the fridge to make a beer run, when you come back, erratically throw them to your friends like Tebow throws footballs to his wide receivers

If you think Madonna sounds good during halftime: Beer bong a 6-er because you are obviously not drunk enough (or maybe you’re too drunk and should just stop drinking…)

Every commercial for “The Voice” that is shown: Turn around in your seat and slam your drink

When Bob Costas uses a word you don’t know the meaning of: Pinkies out while you drink so you can reach his level of sophistication

If Bill Belichick is shown smiling: NOBODY DRINK THE BEER, THE BEER HAS GONE BAD!

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