Revisiting “Let’s Ram It,” the L.A. Rams Sexually Suggestive 1986 Music Video


With the Los Angeles Rams now back in the Super Bowl, it’s the perfect time to revisit their 1986 music video “Let’s Ram It,” which didn’t exactly specialize in the art of subtlety.

Remember, when the L.A. Rams recorded this monstrosity it was a very different time and political climate. When the Rams moved back to L.A. a couple of years ago, the internet’s virtual time capsule was dug up and “Let’s Ram it” was written about in several different publications. 


However, even 2016 had a political climate that was in many ways a stark contrast to the current status quo, so remember that when you read the articles linked below. We’re going to try and keep this post as apolitical as possible, so we’ll only say this- there is no way in hell they would ever even remotely consider making something like this, for many reasons that go way above and beyond the scope of this post.

And that’s a good thing. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said as he paraphrased Theodore Parker: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

We invite you to watch the 1986 L.A. Rams crime against song and dance below, and then form your own judgements and opinions of the work before reading on. If you can make it through all five and half minutes, then congratulations, you have a lot of moxie and will. It’s a bummer that the one L.A. Rams player every football fan has heard of, Eric Dickerson, doesn’t show up until around the 3:55 mark.

So yeah, this is a song about sex, sex and more sex.

You already knew that, but if you want more detail on that topic you can read the New York Daily News’ take on it from January 2016, or the Vice Sports article that came out a month later.

If you want to know why this attempt at music transpired, well Yahoo’s NFL blog, Shutdown Corner caught up to the guys who did it and you can read all about their motives and ambitions with this thing at this link.

Yes, the L.A. Rams were singing about sex! And since everyone else who has written about this music video has already covered that ad nauseam, let’s move on to what else is going on here in this clip.

It’s amazing how way off the lip syncing is here. Yes, real musicians lip sync their videos, but it’s actually “synced.”

Ram it also brings us back to the old Anaheim Stadium, the Big A, which makes us remember the halcyon days when football and baseball teams often shared stadiums.

In those salad days, there much was much less defrauding of taxpayers to take public fund and use it as corporate welfare handouts to billionaires and their privately owned cathedrals. In those days, it wasn’t pre-ordained that every single pro sports team got their own venue. Another thing that jumps out is how conservative the L.A. Rams cheerleader costumes are, certainly so when compared to today’s outfits.

Overall though, Ram It didn’t really work on too deep a level. It was superficial by design, a knockoff of the Super Bowl Shuffle because that’s just what NFL teams did back then.

There just wasn’t much more to it.

Now let’s see what the L.A. Rams do if they pull off the minor upset on Sunday.

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