Rex Ryan Foot Fetish? New York Jets Providing Media Fodder Again



As you no doubt already know the New York Jets recently suspended strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi indefinitely after he blatantly tripped a Dolphins player during a punt return. The NFL isn’t even through investigating that situation when lightning of negative PR struck the Jets again.

Or maybe it’s not extremely negative PR…depending on uhm, whatever “floats your boat.”

According to, the Jets Head Coach has a severe foot fetish.

In a conference call with Chicago reporters leading up to Sunday’s big game with the Bears, Ryan didn’t deny a report that shows a number of videos of a woman who looks very much like his wife showing off her feet while a cameraman — who sounds like Ryan — talks to the woman.

Either way, it’s yet another off-the-field distraction for the 2010 New York Jets who are about as unlovable as Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Mujahideen combined. Here are the top reasons why, and none involve foot fetishes.

By Paul M. Banks

jenn sterger

6. There have been superior seasons of HBO “Hard Knocks.”

The last time I had to endure large numbers of people discussing an overrated reality series it was the overblown “Jersey Shore” hype. Granted that was earlier this year, but both of these semi-scripted “reality” shows centered around a bunch of cartoon characters from New Jersey. I’m finding myself really despising the Garden State. Bon Jovi and Rutgers suck too by the way.

This show started all the Jets hype, so I took the Tom Brady approach. I hate the Jets, I don’t support the show.

And 2001, Baltimore Ravens was actually the best ever “Hard Knocks.”

5. Certain Players Sexually harassed a “television personality”

I’ve already written way too many words on this topic. For more, go here. But again, this was certainly not the Jets’ finest moment.

4. They talk a big game, but have won NOTHING

Yes, they came out of nowhere to reach the AFC title game last season. And followed that up with a great and productive offseason. However, this franchise has zero Super Bowl wins since 1969, and they have just one overall. They only seem to go anywhere in the playoffs after seasons in which they were like 3-13 or 1-15 the year before. So the Jets do well when they were terrible the previous season and no one takes them seriously. Therefore, let’s quiet all that “Revis Island” and “we’re the Miami Heat of the NFL” noise.

3. The horrible, disgusting people who love them.

Remember, this is the same organization that once hired Jenn Sterger, the woman who defined trying to make a sports media career out of nothing but two body parts, as an in-game stadium host. Yet I still regard that as an astute business decision since Sterger appeals to those who reside in the skimmer of the gene pool.

Watch the cameo Jets fans make in this Daily Show video highlighting the douchiness on display by New York and Philadelphia sports fans.

2. Rex Ryan is simply stealing his bit from Ozzie Guillen

Rex is a great soundbite, and a funny guy, no doubt. But his outspoken arrogance reminds me of a similarly obese  and similarly condescending jackass I knew during MBA school at Michigan State. This guy once walked into the room at the end of the semester to brag about the summer internship he obtained, the same one that everyone in that room had applied for. (Something Ryan would do in that situation) Everyone looked depressed so I said to my bloated blowhard classmate, “that may be true, but you still have to go through life shaped like Grimace, the McDonald’s character.”

There was an eerie silence. Then he left.

I did not have to buy a single drink that weekend in East Lansing.

Back to Ryan, yes you like swearing a lot. Yes, it’s funny sometimes, but if you’re going to do that bit for the cameras you’ll never live up to the best. White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen already does that bit louder, cruder, funnier and bolder.


1. Who’s in charge over there? Do they even pretend to care about ethics?

So beyond coaches tripping opponents on the sidelines, sexually harassing a “reporter,” and quite possibly remaining idle while their starting QB allegedly sexually harassed their in-stadium hostess, one of their most important wide receivers, Braylon Edwards, was busted for driving at more than twice the legal limit of BAC! Seriously, who’s running things over there?

And his punishment fell WAY short of the crime.

Is this seriously the NFL’s version of the Delta House? Maybe all of the NYJ should be put on “doubel secret probation?”

Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports , a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, the Tribune’s blog network, Walter, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

You can follow him on Twitter @thesportsbank

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  1. Miguel Stenstrigues says

    Chicago fans are the worst fans there are. The Bears suck every year, the Bulls are overrated, Derek Rose is stupid, The Cubs we all know about them, the White Sox and Ozzie Guillen are embarrassing, and the Blackhawks are good but Hockey sucks. Enjoy Cutler’s interceptions. They may not be here yet but they’re inevitably coming like every other year.

  2. Gary Buchanan says

    The Grimace comment had my fucking eyes watering I laughed that hard!! Thanks

  3. @Miguel Yes, but you criticized the teams not the sports fans themselves. which I’d love to hear because I rip on my own people too.

    You don’t think Cutler has learned a thing or two in this new Martz offense?

  4. @Gary thanks man!!!

    to quote Eminem in “Without Me” “just give me the signal and I’ll be there with a whole list full of new insults

  5. Great stuff LOL!

  6. Hey Paul,

    Your mother’s disgusting!!!! There, I just stooped to your level. Try not to sound like the dumb, sheltered hick that you are by insulting cities and people far superior to you and your inbred ilk. I’m glad you were able to use The Daily Show as canon for the truth. If you had half a brain you would realize that most football fans behave in a similar manner while attending games. It’s called being drunk. Have fun being a midwestern hick, and of course, having sex with your relatives.

  7. paulmbanks says

    I actually love NYC. I have family there, in Manhattan.

    So what part of Manhattan are you from? The Upper West Side or Upper East, or maybe Midtown? I only ask because clearly you have a ton of money and class (as evidenced in your post above) and I figured that’s the only places in the Tri-state area a man of such distinguished tastes as yourself would call home.

  8. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old
    one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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