Plaxico Burress Moves to Other NY Team; Jets Clearly NFL’s most INSANE Squad


As you no doubt have heard, wide receiver Plaxico Burress is staying in New York. He’s moved from the first team to the second. From the proud franchise to the ginger-featured stepchild. For the Jets, this means that WR Braylon Edwards is now certainly gone. (If he wasn’t already). That means the Jets are replacing one troubled wideout who did his college football in Michigan (Edwards played for the Wolverines) with another troubled receiver who also played Big Ten football in the state. (Plax played for the Michigan State Spartans).

As usual when you move from UM to MSU, you tend to get more thuggish ruggish. Edwards was fined for a DUI. Burress went to jail for illegal weapons possession.

Plaxico is bigger and thicker now than he was before he went to prison. So maybe he’ll continue wearing sweat pants to night clubs. But his size and height has always been asset. He’s probably a step slower than he was before doing time in the joint. Of course, he’s still plenty fast, and the Jets are looking to add depth at Tight End in Baltimore’s Todd Heap- so the Jets should have plenty of pass-catching weapons this season.

And you know what that means, lots more opportunities for QB Mark Sanchez to over-throw and under-throw wide open receivers.

I wouldn’t worry very much about Plax making the transition from jail to Jets . This is the perfect place for him to go. From the Ines Sainz saga, to the Jenn Sterger-Brett Favre sexting swept under the rug to Rex Ryan’s feet fetish to…well there were so many silly off-the-field storylines last season, the Jets are the NFL’s frat house. They’re “Porky’s,” “Blue Mountain State” (yes, I know only three people ever watched that crappy show) and “Varsity Blues” all rolled up into one.

How will Plax fit in? I “CAN’T WAIT” (as Jets LB Bart Scott would say) to find out.

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  1. the guy who wrote this is a complete dick head

  2. paulmbanks says

    i took a bow upon seeing that comment. thanks

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