Planning to Bet on the NFL This Year? 4 Factors to Consider First


Whether you’re trying your hand at daily fantasy games or selecting one team to make it to the Super Bowl, you’ll come face to face with factors that can influence your decision. Determining the NFL playoff odds is only part of the overall picture you want to look at for betting.

The following list of four factors to consider will help you make your choices on your next sports bet.

Talent Level of the Team

Although this seems like an obvious point to mention, it’s still a good reminder. A good football player has talent. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

Talent doesn’t make a winning team, but it definitely helps. If you have two teams in which one is filled with all-stars, and the other has all of the last draft picks, which team will win? Other factors come into play. However, there’s a good chance if you place your bets on the all-star team, you’ll come out on the winning end.

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Team Dynamics

The dynamics of the team plays a crucial role in their success. If players are fighting off the field and clashing with each other on the field, they’ll have a difficult time finding a rhythm that works.

You can say the same thing with the quarterback and the couch. They need to trust each other and have a decent relationship. If they don’t, it can quickly spill over into the game.

A successful team works together both on and off the field. They have each other’s backs at any given moment. Each player can connect with each other that allows the whole team to be in sync.

The Injury Report

Every team will have injuries throughout the season. It’s part of the game of football. However, some injuries affect the overall team more than others.

A good example is when the quarterback is injured. The quarterback is the leader of the team on the field. When you lose your leader, the team is often left in scrambles trying to figure out their next move. Even if they have a talented backup quarterback, he still is trying to fill the role of someone the team is used to.

Pay attention to the injuries each week. Who is out, and what was his position? Does that player have a significant role in the success of the team?

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Game Matchups

Who a team is playing against is another critical factor to consider. Every team has their rival. That rivalry adds a whole new element to the game by adding more pressure to the players. With that added pressure and having more to lose comes the increase of mistakes and irrational behavior. You often see rival teams start pushing and shoving on the field due to heated moments.

Not only that, but some teams perform better against a certain football club compared to others. It’s important to look at the matchup and see if that will contribute to the outcome of the game.

Have fun betting on the games this coming NFL season. Prepare yourself with the tip above to get set up for success.

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