NFL Mock Draft 12-15



  1. So you are predicting the ravens, steelers, and bengals all make the playoffs? Keep smokin that rock, bud.

  2. Scott Carasik says

    Horrible Atlanta pick. While I love McClain as a prospect in General. We have ZERO need for a MLB with one of the top young MLB’s in that spot (Curtis Lofton)

  3. Scott,

    I vehemently disagree. There are lots of scouts who think McClain will transition to the 3-4 just fine! and guess what?? he won’t have to play middle! he can play one of the interior positions…yey! and some scouts think he might able to move to the outside as well. huzzah!

  4. Steve,

    yeah dude, don’t bogart my stash man. hide my grass from the narcs man!

    The NFL draft isn’t like the NBA draft where teams that miss the playoffs pick better/have a better chance to pick than the teams in the postseason. It’s all record, straight through. And with the AFC showing its strength again this year, you could easily end up with something similar to last year- when the 11-5 Patriots missed the playoffs

  5. draft order rules were changed. What happened with the chargers last year will never happen again. 8-8 wild card round winner will never pick 16th. Draft order reflects record AND where a team exists the playoffs. Teams that miss the playoffs have a higher selection.

    The steelers remaining schedule is tough; I don’t know that they can win out. I also think you are selling the AFC West a bit short.

  6. I usually look at this link as a guide for forming my order…but I’m not sure how valid it is:

    And then I usually pick based on how I think the teams will finish at the end. Maybe I’m in denial about the Steelers, I just can’t understand what happened to them, and I keep thinking each week they’re going to turn it around…but then they do things like lose to the Browns.

    As for SD, I’ve moved them progressively later in the round each week or so.

  7. Awesome mock. I love all of the humor and the hot chicks. You should add some pictures of Saint Tim’s girlfriend to the site. I still can’t believe that Rams video. It just went on and on and on. Nolan Cromwell is the gayest dancer ever. I will make all of my friends watch it.
    A few random thoughts.
    * Golden Tate is a dwarf. What is he, like 5′ 4″? Danario Alexander will go ahead of him.
    * I have a hard time believing Seattle won’t take an OT with one of those two first rounders. Maybe not if they feel like there will be a good one still available with their 2nd Rd pick, but I doubt it.
    * Corners always seem to go sooner than projected. Haden is probably top 15.
    Keep up the good work. More girls!!

  8. “And he would be an upgrade over Brent Celek.”

    Not that Gresham isn’t great, but that’s hilarity. Have you watched an Eagles game? Celek is on his way to becoming an elite TE. Not to mention we drafted Ingram from UF last year too. I’d put the chances of the Bird taking Gresham at 1%. Absolutely absurd.

  9. Larry,

    Thanks so much man! I’m well aware that 90% of feedback that one receives in the publishing game will be negative, but it’s well worth it for the 10% of messages like yours. Really nice of you and I appreciate that.

    I agree Haden’s stock is rising all over the place. and that corners always go much higher than they’re supposed to.

    I’ll try and get a couple more pictures of hot chicks up for you next week. a few more jokes too. I can’t wait till when Saint Tim’s gf goes public about his “lack of purity”

    I’ve heard from numerous people at UF that he actually doesn’t live up to the chastity he proclaims. Of course I have no proof of that, and it’s all conjecture until the girl who took his virginity comes forward- she would be bigger than Jenn Sterger if she spilled details

  10. And yeah, Golden Tate is listed at 5’11.5″ so you know what that means, he’s really like 5’9″ but then again so is Wes Welker and Steve SMith.

    I’m sure Sea would love to find the next Walter Jones this draft or next draft

  11. Jeff,

    I’ll be the first to admit that Celek is having a phenomenal season, but look at his numbers over his first two seasons…not very impressive are they? Maybe he has made the leap this year, but you mean to tell me Gresham might not exceed his potential? seriously, you’re going to argue that Gresham doesnt have the potential to contribute more in the league than Celek’s highest ceiling? You really don’t believe that, do you?

    BTW, have you the Daily show vid pitting Eagles/Phillies fans vs. Giants/Yankee fans?

  12. Scott Carasik says

    Steve. The Falcons run a 4-3. not a 3-4. and McClain can’t play the SLB spot and sure as hell can’t project to the WLB spot in a cover 2 defense like we run. nice try but it’s a terrible pick. and I love McClain as a prospect.

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