Jenn Brown or Erin Andrews: Better Draft Party Host? (vote now)


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By Paul M. Banks

If you were watching last night’s NFL Draft on ESPN, you undoubtedly saw the updates from premier sideline princesses Erin Andrews (at the home of ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen) and Jenn Brown (reporting from the house of Texas signal-caller Colt McCoy). Neither QB was drafted last night, so it means we’ll likely be treated to more eye candy tonight, as the reigning Queen and crown princess of sports media will undoubtedly see a lot more airtime.

By the way, did you see Clausen’s sweet-ass house with a vista of palm trees and mountains? He really IS a real life J.D. McCoy. And Colt McCoy’s house looked pretty sweet too.

Since both EA and Brown are University of Florida grads, (yes, there must be something in the water in Gainesville) neither was assigned to cover the Tebow household. Now if we could just get Stu Scott away from anything North Carolina related.

But the question before you is this, who do you think did a better job reporting last night?? Or a better yet who would you rather have hosting your NFL Draft party? Andrews or Brown? You can vote below

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