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Team needs were sometimes, but very rarely, taken into account with this NFL mock draft. Mostly because I know those needs will change numerous times between now and next April.

Order was determined by Peter King’s SI.com  NFL power rankings, released on 5-16-10. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of PK, but to my knowledge, I believe he was the first to do a 2010 NFL Power ranking.  So he has that going for him, which is nice.

In summation, don’t take these picks with a grain of salt; take them with an entire salt truck.

By Paul M. Banks

1. St. Louis Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

Everyone raves about JJ’s potential and measurables. Not so much about all his drops, but I think he’ll come correct on that this season. Rams got their franchise QB last season, they’ll get a wideout to complement him this year.

2. Buffalo Jake Locker, QB, Washington

In theory, he’s the #1 pick- no doubt. After him, then the debate can begin. Unfortunately, I can’t have him going number one if the Stl. is on the board. The day after the 2010 NFL Draft I received a Jake Locker promotional postcard from the Univ. of Washington in the mail. Here are some of the more interesting quotes included in it. “”If he’s not the number one pick in 2011, it’s an upset,” Mel Kiper Jr. “If I didn’t have to coach against him, I’d be a bigger fan,” Jim Harbaugh.


3. Tampa Bay Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

Quinn is shaping up to be this draft’s wildcard. He could go as high as the top 5, or fall out of the first round entirely. It depends on what teams are looking for a 3-4 rush linebacker, and how he does at the combine. I’m predicting he’ll take care of business on the field.

4. Cleveland Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Yes, the Browns took Colt McCoy in this year’s draft, but he is not the answer. Unless the question is “hey, where I can find a stop-gap QB, who biggest pro upside is a poor man’s Kyle Orton?” Look for Cleveland to draft a mobile passer with a strong arm and mindset perfect for the pro game. Luck is indeed a fine NFL QB prospect.

5. New England (From Oakland) Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

It was a shame that ’06 first round pick, Laurence Maroney, out of Minnesota, didn’t pan out. Early in his career, he truly showed flashes of being their legit replacement for Corey Dillon. But Maroney’s clearly run out of chances in New England now, and they haven’t been able to really get a genuine workhorse back out of their amalgam of blah since Dillon left football (For more on what he’s been up to since retiring go here). Since the Pats didn’t consider tailback in this past draft, look for them to do so in the next one.

For an feature profile/exclusive interview of Ingram go here

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6. Tennessee Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska

Crick learned from one of the best (Suh) last season, and like Ndamukong, he’s a big, fast, athletic player whose knows how to get off blocks and find the opponents’ backfield.

7. Kansas City AJ Green, WR, Georgia

In 2010, it was all about Suh vs. McCoy when it came to NFL Draft debates, this year the position battle is Green vs. Jones. It’s a LOADED class at WR, and these two studs lead the way. Green is a guy who can both be dangerous underneath, and stretch the field. He’ll be every collegiate safety’s nightmare this fall.


8. Chicago Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

The Bears need receivers DESPERATELY, I’m predicting that will not change by next April. And this class is LOADED. Cutler must be salivating over this pick, because finally he’ll get a wideout who isn’t semi-retarded. Seriously, the three main guys contributing to the Bears WR position have a combined IQ of about 70, and I doubt I’m exaggerating much. Last season Baldwin, who goes 6-5, 225, caught 57 for 1,111 yards and 8 TDs.


9. Detroit Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

Jones’ position coach described him as “an instinctive player with a great motor” and “a relentless competitor who never gives up on a play” The 6-1, 223 pound junior has tremendous NFL potential. At Big Ten Media Day, I asked him what his greatest strengths are “stopping the run” he responded. I also asked him what parts of his game needs help. “I want to work on the pass because I feel like I wasn’t effective enough in coverage I didn’t get a whole lot of turnovers, I just want to be a factor in the passing game, I feel I want to be more of a factor in the passing game,” Jones responded.

You could say the LBs are the strength of Detroit’s defense, which is akin to describing the somebody has thin when sitting in a room full of offensive linemen. I think they’ll give Jones a serious look.

For an exclusive interview/feature profile of Jones go here

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10. Cincinnati Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

There isn’t a NFL Draft board around that doesn’t have Peterson as the number one CB, and most have him as the #1 DB- and for good reason. Read any scouting report on him, and you’ll see why.

11. Arizona Allen Bailey, DT, Miami

Bailey has all the natural gifts and skill sets, but he’s been quite inconsistent over his collegiate career. If gets it together this autumn, he’ll be a top 15 pick.

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12. Jacksonville Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech

Jacksonville didn’t do anything right in their 2010 NFL Draft, so whoever they take in ’11 will be a big upgrade. Some of their draft decisions seemed almost “Millenesque.” How can you be an NFL franchise and lose money? I don’t know, ask Jax. They’ll have needs a plenty in 2011, starting with somebody to help ease the burden on MoJo.

13. Washington Gabe Carimi, OT/G, Wisconsin

The Sconnies certainly know how to produce giant big men built to block in the NFL. Carimi has shown both power and agility in pushing off defenders and opening holes. He’s arguably the top tackle in this draft. Carimi’s physical attributes set him apart from the rest: long arms, quick feet, and solid footwork.

Carimi has a lot of experience and size, but he lacks athleticism and technique. Also, scouts have no idea if he’ll play on the right or left side in the NFL which could hurt his draft stock.

14. San Francisco Greg Romeus, DE/OLB, Pitt

Romeus should be a top 10 pick if he builds off what he did last year at Pitt. He showed how strong he was against the run, and if he could get into double digit sacks this season, I think the 275 lb prospect will become highly sought after.

15. Denver Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

He may have been over-shadowed by Golden Tate this season, but he’s probably a better NFL prospect. Who said Jimmy Clausen didn’t have weapons around him at ND? Well, he had no running game and bad blocking, but he did have weapons.

16. Houston Marcel Dareus, DE, Alabama

Dareus is just over 3 bills, and he’s excellent at moving all that wait around quickly and gracefully. He’s shown a lot of versatility in Nick Saban’s hybrid schematics and perhaps that acumen will carry over to the more sophisticated schemes in the NFL.

17. Atlanta Rahim Moore, S, UCLA

The Falcons pass defense is sorry at best. Enter Moore who picked off ten passes last fall, and has all the skills to play “centerfield” in the NFL.

18. Philadelphia Marvin Austin, DL, North Carolina

Austin is one of those workout warrior guys who will tend to be over-drafted, (and if you look at his record of accomplishments) very over-drafted. NFL scouts will love his tremendous size, athleticism and potential, and go for that. Making him 2011’s Jason Pierre-Paul.


19. New England Jurrell Casey, DT, USC

I still can’t believe the Patriots passed on Jared Odrick when they had the opportunity to take him. They badly need to rebuild their front seven, but you know what will happen. They’ll probably trade this pick down two or three times, and stockpile 3rd round picks.

20. Minnesota Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame

It’s always tough to predict where tight ends will go in a given draft, but Rudolph should be the first one off the boards.

21. Pittsburgh Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

Mallett has that cannon for an arm that all NFL personnel look for when building their offense. He just needs seasoning and to build more consistency. He also looks like a QB prospect that has all the requisite intangibles. He good give Locker and Luck a run for their money.

22. Seattle Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State

Wouldn’t it be great for people in the Emerald city is Locker could stay in Seattle and give the Seahawks a major piece to build around? Yes, it would but I don’t see it happening. I actually think the Seahawks made some nice moves on draft day, but they still don’t have a legitimate quarterback, so I think they’ll go that route.

Remember when Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was being recruited? As far as high school players go, his hype was bigger than Jesus, Jimmy Clausen, and Tim Couch combined. (This analogy is contingent on Jesus’ having played college football, and I’m assuming that’s true because he’s a part of Notre Dame’s wall of fame.)

Entering his junior season, Pryor hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. I’m predicting this is the year he puts it all together, then bolts early for the NFL.

For more on Pryor go here and here

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23. Dallas Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

Like Ndamukong Suh last season, the Huskers have produced a top NFL defensive prosepct with a very difficult name to spell and pronounce.

24. NY Giants Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

Brown appears to have all the tools and skill sets to be in ’11 what Haden was in ’10. Of course, you might think that LSU’s Peterson is that guy. However, Brown isn’t too far behind, and the NYG’s Jerry Reese is truly a value GM, who’ll take best guy available on the board.

25. Carolina Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU

Carolina’s roster might easily lead to a situation that gets messy, and it may be time to rebuild again, especially up front, and Reynolds is a solid prospect that should go very high.

26. NY Jets Jack Crawford, DE/OLB, Penn State

Another solid prospect from “Linebacker U,” Crawford could be a great rush 3-4 LB for some lucky team.

27. Miami Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

NFL people know how dominant Clayborn can be in a 3-4 scheme. But can he adjust to a 4-3? If so, watch his draft stock take off. If not, you may see him in the second round. Currently, his stock has been on the decline because of that whole Patrick Kane impersonation he did last year. You know, “the NFL: where character issues happen.”

28. New Orleans Ras-I-Dowling, CB, Virginia

Dowling went back to school this year, presumably to work on his speed; which isn’t quite up to NFL standards yet. His size, presence and tendency to be a ball-hawk at opportune times will interest NFL teams, provided he makes the necessary strides this year.


29. Indianapolis Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina

Carter is another guy who could have possibly been picked this year, but went back to school to sharpen up his skills. He’s speedy, and could make a great fit at the SAM position

30. Baltimore Cameron Heyward, DL, Ohio State

Here’s a guy that easily could have come out and received a nice paycheck, but for the sake of his game, and his development I think it’s a good idea he stayed in school. The knock against Heyward is that he’ s only suited for the 4-3 scheme.

31. San Diego Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

Miller is the top player at the rush linebacker position in this class, and his versatility will get him noticed. A LOT. Chargers need to rebuild pieces of their aging front seven and this would be a good place to start.

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32. Green Bay Joseph Barksdale, OT, LSU

The spotlight will be on Barksdale as he protects the blind spot of Tigers signal caller this year. The large athletic man projects to a solid LT in the NFL, and could make for a good young pair of bookend tackles with this year’s #1 Bryan Bulaga.

Just missed:

Jeremy Beal, DE/OLB, Oklahoma

Mark Barron, S, Alabama

Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

Clint Boling, OT, Georgia

Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma

Terrence Toliver, WR, LSU

Case Keenum, QB, Houston

for an exclusive feature profile/interview of Keenum go here

This mock draft is listed at Walter Football, Football Fan Spot and DC Pro Sports Report

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  1. Jack Diesel says

    I usually don’t comment on 2011 mock drafts but having the Saints take another DB in the 1st round is a bit ridiculous. They drafted Jenkins in 2009 and Robinson this year on top of the 2 already good CB’s they have starting. It’s looking like Jenkins is making the move to FS with Robinson probably taking over nickel back duties. So now they draft Dowling in the 1st to be a dime back? Don’t see it.

  2. paulmbanks says

    Thanks Jack. I pretty much agree with your pts. remember- like the disclaimer says up at the top of this mock “team needs have not been taken into account with this draft.” well sometimes, but rarely.

    like when is the letter y a vowel? sometimes

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