2010 NFL Mock Draft Final 4-22 Round 3


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By Paul M. Banks

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65. St. Louis Aaron Hernandez TE Florida

This team needs playmakers BADLY, so they’ll rebuild the offensive side of the ball here

66. Detroit Chris Cook CB Virginia

Comparing the Lions pass defense against a real NFL secondary is like looking at lyrics to a Hannah Montana song juxtaposed against the works of George Orwell.

jordan shiple

67. Tampa Bay  Jordan Shipley WR Texas

One of the most memorable moments of the national title game buildup was reading the transcript of this question, when some reporter acted BLATANTLY racist in what he asked:

“Are you aware that you don’t look like the prototypical return guy, you don’t look like the prototypical speedster, you don’t look like the prototypical receiver, and do you kind of enjoy proving people and that stereotype wrong?”

Yes, you numbnuts bigot! I’m pretty sure Shipley is aware of the fact that he’s white!

For an interview/feature profile of Shipley go here

golden gopher cheerleaders

68. Kansas City Eric Decker WR Minnesota
Decker was one of my favorite players in all of college football last season, and I hate the Gophers with a passion. One of my biggest dreams in life is to punch Goldy Gopher in the head, and knock his one buck tooth out of his face. Anyways, Decker has size, speed, and toughness that can recruit non-football fans into people that make their weekend plans around the gridiron. See the Cal game, and that hit he took to hang on for the touchdown as an example.

For a feature/exclusive interview of Decker go here. For more Gophers coverage go here

eric decker

69. Oakland Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB/KR, IUP

I’ve honestly never heard of this guy, I know nothing about him other than he’s like “Mr. Measurables,” and sort of a low budget Taylor Mays, and I know that’s what all Raiders picks have to be.

70. Philadelphia John Jerry G Ole Miss
Philly could use a little more depth on the OL and this pick would be a steal in this round.

71. Cleveland D’Anthony Smith DT Louisiana Tech

I can’t think of many things in this world that are less fearsome and intimidating than Cleveland’s “pass defense” I guess a cheesy pop/love song duet between Kylie Minogue and Kermit the Frog would be one.

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72. Buffalo Dan LeFevour QB Central Michigan

What a crappy class of QBs this is! LeFevour saw his stock rise high during Senior Bowl week, but then it fell off the map during the combine. You know what else is crappy? Buffalo’s current roster of QBs.

73. Miami Brandon Spikes LB Florida

Even though Spikes was a projected 1st round talent as recently as mid-season, I feel hesitant placing him anywhere above the 6th round due to his 5.0 40 yard dash. ‘Phins will need more help at linebacker after departure of Jason Taylor

74. Jacksonville   St.Tim Tebow Messiah    a  cloud in Heaven

I’m so tired of talking about Tebow. He’s a legitimate 5th-6th round pick, but the NFL is a business, so he’ll fall into the third round. The very fact that he’s attempting to undo so many habits that he’s had his whole life in football tells you he’s not ready for the next level, and he certainly knows it. The fact that we (and everyone else in the football world) is talking about this also exemplifies why he’ll be drafted; somewhere.

I’m predicting he’ll go in the third round to Jacksonville because

1.) They’re desperate to sell tickets, and Tebow’s astronomical star power can really pack ‘em in

2.) His sainthood is even more holy in Florida than versus the rest of the country, so a local team should grab him. Hey, football is a business after all.

I must commend Tebow for his work ethic and dedication- he’s saying and doing all the right things, and if he can convince some NFL team that he’s a “project pick”, he’ll land somewhere.  I think his decision not to throw at the combine is a smart one. All the scouts know about “the loop” in his motion, and how his release is slower than a terrapin. He’s not going to change a lifetime of reflex in a couple weeks, so why give the scouts more evidence in the case against him?

The quarterback wildcat will NEVER work in the NFL, not even at Miami, because opposing front sevens, speed rushing ends especially, are too quick and smart to be beaten by it. Tebow needs a LOT of reps under center, not in the shotgun- plain and simple. So his only road to NFL stardom hinges upon a team willing to draft him for the PR benefits in the short term while understanding he won’t see the field for any of 2010 and possibly much of 2011 (If there even is a NFL season in 2011. And that’s only if he can successfully revamp his throwing motion and become accustomed to working under center full time. And I think he can.

For a more detailed explanation of why and how, go here and here

tebow passion

tebow savior

75. Chicago Kurt ColemanOhio State

Safety is a big need in the Chi and Coleman is a hard-hitter, and excellent play-maker. And as you can see from the picture below, Jesus clearly wants the former Buckeye, and member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to greatly succeed. Coleman is more of a 5th-7th round talent, but Jerry Angelo and company are complete buffoons; especially on draft day.

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ohio jesus

ohio state jesus

76. New York Giants  J.D. Walton C Baylor

“The center cannot hold” in Gotham. Ok, so their center situation isn’t that bad, but adding depth wouldn’t hurt and the Giants grab a value in round 3.

77. Tennessee A.J. Jefferson CB Fresno St.

Titans remember to shore up the pass defense again, grabbing a speed rushing end in round one and a corner in round 2.

78. Carolina Mitch Petrus G Arkansas

By the time you’ve analyzed and studied 3 rounds worth of offensive linemen, their fundamentals, and various blocking schemes trying to figure out where they fit…the only thing you can say or think anymore (yes, this even applies to extreme college football geeks such as myself) is “we need to start drinking heavily.”

drunk chick

79. San Francisco Riley Cooper WR Florida

Could fill their need at the slot. Cooper’s one of those guys who helped build Tebow into a Messiah.

jenn brown colt mccoy

80. Denver Colt McCoy QB Texas

Everyone seems to think McCoy’s biggest upside is Kyle Orton so why not have the lower rent version in place if/when Captain Neckbeard gets hurt? That way you can still run your 5-yd hitch and 7-yd slant heavy offense without missing a beat. Like Robert Loggia’s character said in “Necessary Roughness,” “if you’re going to build your offense around a guy that throws like Edward Scissorhands, you’re going to need to play a hell of a lot of defense.”

For a profile/interview of McCoy click here

orton drunk

81. Houston Ed Dickson TE Oregon

A value pick

82. Pittsburgh A.J. Edds LB Iowa

Going value here with the 2nd most NFL ready prospect from the most boring and uninspiring 9-0 college football team in BCS history.

83. Atlanta Jerome Murphy CB USF

The Atlanta pass defense this days is reminiscent of the mid 90s when D.J. Richardson was the team’s best DB. Which is sort of like being the manliest Jonas brother.

84. Cincinnati Joe McKnight RB USC

Depth behind, and perhaps even a complement to, Cedric the Entertainer could be a mid-round priority in “Cincinaughty.”

usc song girl

85. Cleveland Toby Gerhart RB Stanford

I wonder if the racist reporter idiot covering the national title game (the guy who asked Jordan Shipley “you don’t look like a star receiver/return specialist”- see near the top of the page for more on that) had a chance to cover any Stanford games this past fall. And if he asked Gerhart “You don’t look like a Heisman candidate tailback. You don’t look like you should be fast. How do you like proving people wrong?”

For more on Cleveland’s 2010 NFL draft go here

toby gerhart

86. Green Bay  Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech

You saw how badly the Packers’ secondary got torched in their playoff loss at Arizona. Might be a good idea to try and so something about that.

packers bikini girls

87. Philadelphia Taylor Price WR Ohio

Don’t sleep on obscure wide receivers from the MAC. Ever! Also never get treated by a dentist who wears a Hawaiian shirt to the office, and NEVER stay with your girlfriend if she takes genuine pride in the fact that you (jokingly) call her Tara Reid as a pet name. Follow those 3 rules in life, and you should be okay.

88. Arizona Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma St.

At 6 feet tall, Cox has great size for a corner, and he’ll be a great asset in the return game too. He led all active FBS players and holds the Big 12 and OSU record with four career kickoff returns for touchdowns. Cox was the 2008 All-America kick returner as selected by Sportsline.com

89. Arizona Jimmy Graham TE Miami

I’m sort of tired about talking about tight ends right now…unless you’re talking about the Florida Gators cheerleaders- hey-yo!!

florida gator cheerleaders

90. Dallas Pat Angerer LB Iowa

The third most professionally ready player from the unsexiest 9-0 team in BCS history goes to a team in need of LB depth.

91. San Diego Arthur Jones DL Syracuse

SD could use some pass rushers, including this guy, even though his stock is still dropping like it’s hot. But when you get to the late third round, “it is what it is.” as the most tired of all cliches goes.

mike kafka

92. Cleveland Mike Kafka QB Northwestern

This past week, Mike Kafka was described thusly by Pro Football Weekly’s Hub Arkush on the Big Ten Network. “I could see him as a mid-third rounder, You think the NFL is looking for all these big arms, but it’s really accuracy they’re looking for, and he was certainly accurate on Northwestern.”

Agreed, Kafka’s completion percentage was ridiculous at times during his starting days at Evanston. Two other traits that may attract scouts are his toughness and mobility. Kafka played through pain, and kept scrambling and scrambling to find the open man to make plays during the ’09 season in which Northwestern had no O line or consistent running game to speak of, so opposing defenses always keyed in on him. Makes his completion percentage even more impressive doesn’t it?

For an exclusive interview and in-depth profile of Kafka, go here

It’s not certain if Kafka can be just as elusive a runner in the NFL as he was in college, but he certainly has potential, as he set a record for rushing yards in a game by a QB with over 200 vs. Minnesota in ’08.

Don’t believe me that NU had no offensive line? Watch this video in which coach Pat Fitzgerald gives the soundbite of the year explaining his OL quite succinctly.

For more Northwestern coverage, go here

For more on Cleveland’s 2010 NFL draft go here

mike kafka qb

93. Minnesota Major Wright S Florida

Wright has been kind of a late bloomer in terms of his draft stock

gator cheerleader

94. Indianapolis Garrett Graham TE Wisconsin

For an in-depth profile, exclusive interview of Graham click here

95. New Orleans Dominique Franks CB Oklahoma

Look for the Saints to beef up on defense this draft


96. Cincinnati Brandon LaFell   WR   LSU

Remember back when this guy was a projected first-rounder?

97. Tennessee Jarrett Brown QB West Virginia

Might be a good idea to start looking at contingency plans in case VY falls flat

98. Atlanta Mike Neal DT Purdue

“Welcome to Atlanta where the players play,” if the ATL fills their pass rushing and secondary needs correctly, they could be a darkhorse SB contender next year.

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