NFL Live Blog, Week 3



11:15 AM: Welcome to our live blog for Week 3 of the NFL season!  Again, if you’re here now, you’re early.  But that’s fine, there’s things for you to do while you wait!  In fact, maybe you could read while the games are on, too.

Interested in Paul Schmidt’s picks against the spread for this week?  He was 4-0 last week and is 6-2 on the season so far.

How about Tom Lea’s straight-up picks?  This week, we’ve got a musical feel to his musings…although I use the term music loosely because there’s at least one reference to Phil Collins in there…

Check out our most-read story of the week, Paul Banks’ story on hiring on-air personalities on the Big Ten Network. If nothing else I think there’s an Erin Andrews picture in there somewhere…

Finally, there’s last week’s Sports Bank Fantasy Football recap.  See who is on track to be champs, and who are just going to be chumps. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to come back and chat about today’s games!

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  1. This is the best read intro we’ve had ever..well done. Excellent self-promotion

  2. Sorry I had to bail there today…but HJB!!! I said Bears by 3. and they won by 6! Yes, they do still suck, at least the ground game anyway, but 2-1 is 2-1!!

    And the Lions next week, I smell 3-1. I can’t wait to talk smack with ya.

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