New York Jets Sexually Harass Reporter Ines Sainz



This past summer, the New York Jets became possibly the most polarizing team in all of football. People became endeared to HBO’s “Hard Knocks” reality series and it’s featuring of Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan; whose command of the spoken expletive rivals that of Ozzie Guillen. The Jets have run their mouth off exceedingly this offseason. “Miami Heat of football?”

Yes, exactly, because both teams are overrated, overhyped, and neither will win the championship this season. New York lost to the Ravens, and lost one of the their key defenders, DT Kris Jenkins for the season. So good luck with that Jets fans. Stay classy, as you always do.

But now the Jets are in trouble off-the-field as well. They are accused of being inappropriate and sexually harassing TV Azetca sideline princess Ines Sainz.


As you can see from the pics above, Sainz seems to often dress very inappropriately for work. And prior to this incident she was known only for wearing a wedding dress to Super Bowl Media Day and asking Tom Brady to marry her. But don’t for a second think that poor wardrobe decisions and juvenile publicity stunts give cause to blame the victim.

Washington’s Clinton Portis made some backwards, sexist and extremely idiotic remarks about the situation, and the NFL rightfully condemned his remarks immediately. Especially when you consider that Portis admits he didn’t know all the details of the situation.

And for those of you that don’t know all the details of the Jets-Sainz incident go here


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