New England in Super Bowl 2012: Our Most Popular Patriots Stories


rob gronkowski

Final score: New England 23, Baltimore 20. My prediction in my game preview: NE 24, Bal 21. Not bad!

The New England Patriots are set to take on the New York Giants in the Super Bowl 2012, or Super Bowl 46. They’ll do it in the house of their arch-nemesis, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. What a fine venue- and storyline for this ’07 Super Bowl rematch. Lots of our Pats stories have blown up this past year, so I’d figure I’d compile them in one spot to re-run them for our new readers; and those who missed it the first time.

Rob Gronkowski, a big, fast second year tight end out of Arizona. He’s redefined the TE position this year through his play, breaking all the records you could ask. And off the field you must take a trip to Gronk Nation. It’s a land that includes posing for risque pics with porn star Bibi Jones while she wears his jersey, or shirtlessly tweeting pics with large phallic symbols to supermodel Kate Upton.

Tom Brady has a number one option in Wes Welker, the greatest slot receiver in NFL history. Michael Irvin called him the best receiver in the game right now. The numbers back that up. And he inspired a great parody song. “Moves like Welker, moves like Welker, moooooooooooooooves like Welker.” Watch it here.


The Patriots build through the draft, primarily, and they’re always one of the most intriguing teams on NFL Draft day.

Tom Brady has a super hot supermodel wife who is also a United Nations Environmental Ambassador. She just returned from her mission trip to Africa.

New England’s defensive resiliency saved the game Sunday. Yes, even it’s 31st ranked, much-maligned pass defense. I maligned it here.

Backup safety Sterling Moore saved the universe by knocking the ball out of Ravens wide receiver Lee Evans hands in what was just seconds of possession from becoming the game-winning touchdown catch with just 22 seconds remaining.

Sterling Moore began his rookie season on the Oakland Raiders practice squad before emerging as a key member of New England’s patchwork secondary. Maybe this is Bill Belichick’s best coaching job ever.


The Pats trio of white position players, seriously how unlikely is this that they have so many Caucasians at the skill positions?, concludes with tailback Danny Woodhead, not to be confused with the infamous Danny Woodcock!

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