Lovin’ the Razzle Dazzle Jets!



By Rikki Greenberg

Mangenius and his Titan-clad gang razzle dazzled their way to a 26-14 victory during over the Bengals at home in week 6.
The rambunctious Jets crowd burst into the legendary “J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!” chant during the electrifying competition between Old Man River and the Bengals’ defense.  This was the first time since the start of the season that the crowd used the chant more than once during a game and with the most zeal…such that it echoed deep into my living room.
In addition to the crowd input, this game had just about everything: fumbles, interceptions, touchdown returns, scoreless touchdowns and a couple Ocho Cinco touches on the ball. The first quarter proved to be a tough one for the Green and White gang due to a fumble being run back for a touchdown by Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe and two touchdowns that did not count because of penalties. The Jets finally scored a touchdown towards the middle of the first quarter as Favre zipped the ball into the hands of running back Thomas Jones for a 7-0 lead.

Jones went on to score two more touchdowns in the second half, the last one sealing the victory for the Jets with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. This was the first three-touchdown game of his nine-year career.  It’s always fun seeing a former Chicago Bears player find happiness somewhere else besides Chicago.

The Meadowland denizens (3-2) went out in true Jets style with three turnovers and two interceptions. Even though Favre (25-for- 33 for 189 yards) has sealed his spot in Canton, broken numerous records and sells a mean pair of Wranglers, the man is not safe from sacks, interceptions and fumbles. He is human after all and 39 years-old.  Let’s not be fooled by the butt-lifting spandex pants and giant hands.

The Bengals (0-6) defense did a pretty good job of blitzing the quarterback and pressuring him into bad decisions.  Defensive end Antwan Odom blitzed his way around the Jets offensive line, grabbing hold of Favre and stripping the ball leading to a Bengals interception and touchdown. Second-year safety Marvin White showcased his acrobatic techniques when he leapt in front of Jets tight end Bubba Franks and grabbed an interception. Other highlights included Bengals rookie safety Corey Lynch getting his first career interception and the first career sack for Bengals defensive lineman Frostee Rucker.

The next match-up for the Jets will be against the Oakland Raiders (1-4) at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum (The Black Hole) and the Bengals will return home to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) next Sunday.
Judging by both the Jets and the Raiders records, the game-to-watch will be the Jets. This could be the game where Favre goes for seven touchdown passes instead of a puny six. Then again, who would have thought the undefeated Giants would get worked over by the Browns so badly last night.

Let’s leave it up to Mangini and the razzle dazzle to make it happen.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the Jets-Patriots text-off round two in November. Corks and I are going to that game, so you’ll know I’ll have lots of smack to talk!

  2. Hey, what happened to that somewhat chunky girl with the huge boobs who used to write about the Bears on this site? sometimes the Cubs too. She was decent to look at, like a 7/10 maybe. And had moderately interesting thngs to say about the team

  3. prowriter0923 says

    Haha…I think I know who your talking about Coxcomb…

    But enough about her….What did you think of my article?!

    Oh Banks its going to be awesome…I don’t think my phone will be able to handle the about of smack texts you will be recieving that game.

    **Banks…isn’t it ironic that coxcomb leaves a comment about a certain someone on my article? just thought I would point that out.

  4. prowriter0923 says

    Mangenious is SOOO sexay!!!

  5. LOL! Welcome to the discussion board Coxcomb.

    Yes, I do need more Bears content here. I’m working on it.

    Rikki, that is very ironic..I’ll save the rest of commentary on this topic for when I see/talk to you in person.

  6. when Favre has a good running game, that is trouble for opposing D’s… are they gonna wear the Titans throwback every week now?

  7. paulmbanks says

    Yeah Coxcomb, do you have an actual comment on the article?

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