Link Bank 7-6-11: Brooke Daniels, Amber Leigh Hartman, Dumbest Criminals


-Looks like Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams has some “mo money, mo problems” to deal with. Clouded eyes, empty hearts, can lose. From ESPN:

“Williams is suing a former girlfriend whom he proposed to this spring, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Odessa American on June 30. The lawsuit says Williams, an Odessa native, is trying regain possession of a $76,000 engagement ring he sent, by mail, to Brooke Daniels, a former Miss Texas USA in 2009 whom he dated for nearly a year.

Williams also sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother and a taped marriage proposal in February. When Daniels declined to marry Williams, the lawsuit says she didn’t return the ring when he asked for it back. According to the lawsuit, Daniels said she lost the ring.”

– We stay in the Dallas area for the next item, again about a women who’s cashing in on her looks in the sports world.

On June 28th, Hartman, a writer and media personality in the Dallas-area, announced she and boyfriend Jarred Cosart, a Phillies pitching prospect, had broken up. Cosart replied on twitter saying “You shouldve written this correctly by saying the you and only you decided to go your separate way.”

At that point it appeared they had reconciled, but that wasn’t the end of the story. The Fightins kindly provides us with screen caps of what transpired next on twitter.

-By the way, you can follow Hartman on Twitter here

-Yes, my hometown actually makes the news! The one time in my life Palos Heights made headlines was 2000, when all the old racist white people who live there voted against having a mosque being built. Not the best thing to be known for. But here’s a hilarious dumb criminal story with lots of SICA! references. Read the entire Chicago Tribune piece to see how they got their idea from the film “The Town.”

“A Chicago woman held up a TCF Bank over the Memorial Day weekend — in part to repay the $20,000 she had been caught embezzling from a Chase Bank where she worked, federal authorities alleged.

Navahcia Edwards, 23, was arrested Thursday on charges that she dressed up as a nun and donned a mask, took over the TCF Bank in Palos Heights at gunpoint and fled with $120,000 in cash from the vault. She had once worked at that bank as well.

Three weeks earlier, she had been charged in the same Dirksen U.S. Courthouse with bank embezzlement. While a teller at a Chase Bank branch in Country Club Hills in April, she allegedly walked off with about $20,000 in cash by replacing $100 bills with singles in bundles of cash.”


-Talk about a Wall Street Journal article hitting home. I don’t agree with all of it, but I do agree with much of it, and feel the same way sometimes. Very provocative title too

“Is there a point to this?”

Truth be known, the same notion skitters across the minds of sportswriters and athletes, too, who wonder if this ritualized behavior is worth the trouble. Before and after games at virtually every stadium and arena, reporters dutifully trek to the locker rooms for a quote or two, a postmortem, an injury update or a sliver of insight. Later comes the dash back to the computers for the deadline assault.

It’s hard to assess the dividends from all this effort.”

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