Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers: It’s Time to Buy in Now


The 62 year history of the Los Angeles then San Diego and then L.A. again Chargers isn’t exactly illustrious. While they do have 15 division championships and 19 playoff appearances, they have zero Super Bowl titles, only one appearance, and it came almost three decades ago.

They have one championship, but it’s from way back in the AFL days, prior to the National Football League merger. However, 2021 might be the time to buy in; on all levels. They’re really building something special in Inglewood, California, with head coach Brandon Staley and second year quarterback Justin Herbert leading the way.

They have the best uniforms in all of sports, with the powder blue color scheme. They’re extremely fun to watch, in the vein of the Air Coryell teams of a half-century ago.

Currently 4-2 and tied with the very embattled Las Vegas Raiders atop the AFC West, they really put on a great show whenever they play. Maybe you saw the thrilling 47-42 win over the Cleveland Browns?

Or the 28-14 Monday night thriller over the Raiders, which was absolutely critical to their division title hopes. Or maybe you caught their six point win over the reigning oligarchs of the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs.

In other words, the Chargers and Justin Herbert are for real, and they’re competing for attention in a town that’s notoriously bad for the NFL

“We have to earn respect in LA because we’re brand new,” Staley said while appearing on Inside the NFL.

“We can’t expect to come into the city of LA and for people just to welcome us. We’ve got to earn our way in this city.”

He’s right, because L.A. is a town of transplants. A lot of people who live there are from somewhere else, and they simply root for the NFL team that resides in the place that they are from. This why the Chargers already moved out of L.A. once. As did their SoFi Stadium share mates the Rams.

As did the Raiders.

Don’t be shocked if something like this happens again down the line.

But for now, it’s time to buy in, on all levels with the Los Angeles Chargers. Buy Justin Herbert rookie cards, like we told you to do almost a year ago. Draft him in your fantasy league, bet on the Chargers. Get in on the ground floor!

Buy low, sell high!

CBS Sports and Showtime pundit Julian Edelman said it best about Justin Herbert:

“I first-hand saw Justin Herbert before he was coming out of the draft, we were at Golden West Community College in Orange County…I threw with this guy a couple times and I was amazed with his confidence, his demeanor.

“He had an aura about him.”

Edelman, the Patriots club legend, later added on the same show:

“These quarterback very good, and I would love to play with them all, but I’m saying right now the ice water that’s running through Justin Herbert ’s veins.

“We need to change his name – Justin Sherbet – he’s got that ice cream through the veins.”

Justin Herbert and the L.A. Chargers are on bye week right now, but they will next face Edelman’s Patriots on Halloween in a big daytime national game.

Paul M. Banks is the owner/manager of The Bank (TheSportsBank.Net) and author of “Transatlantic Passage: How the English Premier League Redefined Soccer in America,” as well as “No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Sports Media Industry.”

He has regularly appeared in WGNSports Illustrated and the Chicago Tribune, and co-hosts the After Extra Time podcastFollow him on Twitter and Instagram


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