Jenn Sterger Sexting Saga: Story that Possibly Dies Today?



So the day after the New York Jets got utterly destroyed by their bitterest of division rivals, the New England Patriots, more negative publicity surrounding the Jets organization. The supposed workplace filled with sexual harassment news complements the incompetence they showed playing football in Foxborough, Massachusetts last night during the NFL’s marquee regular season game.

Despite the story breaking in October, (well actually breaking in August, just no one paid attention to Deadspin’s story back then, dispute Deadspin being a very high traffic blog owned by Gawker Media) the Jenn Sterger-Brett Favre-Sexting Saga still rolls on strong. In case you forgot, here’s a quick refresher.

And now today, according to

Favre could get word any day now about potential punishment for allegedly sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis while he was with the New York Jets … and she was working as the team’s stadium host.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”

By Paul M. Banks


Supposedly, If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t act like his usual Draconian self and come crashing down on Brett Favre for his alleged sexting scandal, the consequences will be more than just Goodell looking hypocritical. (Think of his rulings on Roethlisberger, Vick etc. he has to apply the same hammer on the NFL’s “Golden Boy” and media sweetheart).

The ruling could come today, and if it’s deemed too light and easy by Sterger’s camp, they might go public with an “overabundance of evidence” … this according to her manager.

By the way, just an aside, wouldn’t be HILARIOUS if the Jets hired Cowboys Stadium Lap Dance Girl as their next in arena host? I mean after hiring Sterger, that’s the next “logical step” right?

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