Jenn Sterger Finally Meets with NFL Regarding Favre Situation


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Well, FINALLY! It’s about time former New York Jets sideline host Jenn Sterger met with the NFL to discuss the sexting “scandal” of Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre. You remember that story, correct?

It broke well over a month ago. Actually, the story that ignited a media firestorm truly broke back in August, but the mainstream media was just too snooty to report on something published on a “blog” back then.

But we live in a Brave New World today, and Deadspin sort of played the role of Woodward and Bernstein (in a sports blog sense) on this one. And a lot has happened to Sterger during her time outside the limelight. She lost both her gig (her show on Versus, “The Daily Line” was canceled) and her title as Crown Princess of NFL Trashiness. Cowboys Stadium Lap Dance Girl (see video here) has supplanted her. At least in my humble little opinion.

By Paul M. Banks

But at least one blog named her “Jersey Chaser of the Month” for November. So Sterger has that going for her. Which is nice.

Here’s what went down today in the league office according to the New York Post:

Sterger’s sitdown with NFL probers — which came after more than weeks of uncertainty about whether she would agree to that interview — greatly ratchets up the chances that Favre will disciplined by the league for the purported misconduct, which allegedly occurred when he was playing for the Jets in 2008.

Sterger, 26, met for several hours with NFL security chief Milt Ahlerich and another league investigator at an undisclosed location in Manhattan. She was accompanied by her lawyer, Joseph Conway, and her manager, Phil Reese.

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