Jay Cutler Will Call His Very First Game in Chicago; Obvious FOX Publicity Stunt


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Sports television networks LOVE to bombard the journalists on their email distribution lists with mass mailings they refer to as “news,” but which are in reality nothing more than product promotion. Ninety-nine point nine percent of these press releases are instantly deleted, due to their worthlessness, but hey, it’s the age of shameless self-promotion, and everyone must to do it to try and survive.

Besides, it’s not like the pointless mass emails from the pro and college teams themselves, are any more useful, right?

The sports franchises themselves are in the sponsored content/native advertising business themselves these days. In the words of Jay Cutler, almost every single reporter goes “DOOOOOOOOON’T CAAAAAAAAARE” in their minds as a response to nearly every single one of these messages

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Now when FOX Sports does release their broadcasting schedule for the upcoming season, in their product promo mass email which should be hitting your inbox in a few weeks, it actually WILL be news-worthy, due to the presence of Jay Cutler. Or it would have been had FOX Analyst Charles Davis not leaked the scoop today on Toronto’s 590 The Fan this morning.

Here’s a tweet from Greg Brady (yes, this is a real person, not a ’70s TV character, and don’t tweet dumb jokes like that at him, cuz he’s suffered through enough of those in his life)

Yep, that’s right! Jay Cutler will commence his broadcasting career at Soldier Field of all places! Of all the 32 NFL teams that could host the very first game that Jay Cutler will call from the broadcast booth, it’s the Chicago Bears.

We’re totally certain that FOX didn’t plan this as a publicity stunt, in a garish way to make a ratings grab.

No, no way, no sir. We really truly believe that the Jay Cutler placement into this game was made based on broadcasting skills and acumen.

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