So Much for Ines Sainz’ Jets Win the Super Bowl Prediction


ines sainz

You remember Ines Sainz, correct? The NFL journalist , no wait, media personality, actually, a ring girl or bikini model with a microphone who was sexually harassed by the New York Jets back in September? Turns out she actually has a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome, as she believed her tormentors were going to not only upset the New England Patriots, but also win the whole thing.

Well, she got the first part right. The overall prediction, not so much. It’s clear that Sainz probably made that public declaration for one reason only: she’s an attention whore of the first degree.

ines sainz

Why else go out of your way to identify with your “tormentors?” Because fame trumps principle according to Sainz

“They are like a star in the movies,” she told Chaunce Hayden in an interview with Steppin’ Out magazine. “They win games you truly believe they are going to lose.” (via No Guts, No Glory)

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  1. hey you,
    jets 28 – pats 21.
    how do you like her now?
    not only she knows her stuff in football but i bet she is better looking than you!

  2. paulmbanks says

    well she has more aesthetically pleasing facial features than I do, I’ll give you that.

    But don’t you find her disgustingly disproportional (and very oddly shaped) ass to be a huge turnoff?

    My body certainly has flaws, but at least I’m proportional with them.

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