VIDEO: Texans Cheerleaders parody Arian Foster’s infamous interview


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Arian Foster of the Houston Texans is very good at running the football. He’s also exceptional at wasting the time of the media. You know I love to rip on the pointlessness of most press conferences. I’m very vocal in pointing out the worthlessness of 90% of athlete interviews.

So I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to sports cliches, bromides, platitudes, coachspeak, buzzwords, shopworn phrases and other language that dumbs you down. So it really takes something special to shock me.

Arian Foster did just that.


The Houston Chronicle has the whole thing, and I encourage you to read the entire transcript, but you’ll get the idea in this excerpt:

But for a more light-hearted look at it, here the Houston Texans cheerleaders parody the infamous Arian Foster exchange:

Pretty funny, here’s an excerpt from the Chronicle so that you get proper context.

“I’m just trying to be the best teammate I can be,” he said.

No matter what reporters asked, Foster responded with the same generality.

“I’m just out here working hard every single day, just trying to be the best teammate I can be,” he said.

He added: “Being with your teammates and being the best teammate you can be, that’s what you strive to do, so that’s what I’m out here doing.”

When a reporter asked Foster if he was making progress being the best teammate he can be, the running back didn’t budge.

“Yeah, you know, every single day I’m just trying to be a better teammate,” he said.


He really would have been better off just not speaking that day.  Those reporters stood around in the Texas heat and humidity waiting for Arian Foster and this is what he gives them?  That’s beyond disrespectful.

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