Hey Look!!! Ines Sainz at Super Bowl Media Day!!!!!!!!!


ines sainz

Today was Super Bowl Media Day, and Ines Sainz was there. You remember Ines Sainz, correct? The NFL journalist , no wait, media personality, actually, a ring girl or bikini model with a microphone who was sexually harassed by the New York Jets back in September?

What she lacks in actual talent and ability, she compensates for with painted on pants and the tendency to be a publicity hound. And today, when everyone was interviewing all the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, journalists were interviewing Sainz.

From the Huffington Post

This is a day when we in the media can share a really good time with the players in a very relaxed environment,” said Sainz.

According to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk, Sainz had several reporters and photographers surrounding her. In fact, the crowd around her “topped most of the players present.”

I’m sure she was asked more than once about her N.Y. Jets winning the Super Bowl prediction

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