Super Bowl 55 Could be a Super Bowl I Rematch in Packers vs Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs have been the favorites to win it all since the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. However, the Green Bay Packers, led by stellar quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, are a popular pick among many fans and experts.

As the NFL playoffs enters the divisional round this weekend, the Packers are predicted by many to win the Super Bowl over last year’s champions, Kansas City. If the two sides do indeed meet in the NFL championship game on Feb. 7, it will be a rematch of the very first Super Bowl.


Packers Performance Recap

Aaron Rodgers has been all world this season, producing at a level that could see him earn his third MVP award. The Packers Quarterback has thrown for over 4,000 yards and 48 touchdown passes, with only five interceptions. This hushed the critics who believed that his time as an elite QB was over.

This narrative circulated after the Packers drafted Jordan Love. With Rodgers leading the way, the Packers earned the number one seed in the NFC and became number two in the favorites list next to the reigning champions. Moreover, many believe that Rodgers is the only quarterback in the NFL that can keep up with or surpass Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

If you are betting on the Chiefs to win Super Bowl 55, it is best to review both the Packers and the Chiefs recent performances and compare them side by side to get a clearer view. The Packers are a bet you should consider. Rodgers has a great supporting cast in teammates RB Aaron Jones (1,104 yards rushing with 9 touchdowns), WR Davante Adams (who had 115 interceptions for 1374 yards and 18 touchdowns), and WR Robert Tonyan (total of 52 catches and 11 touchdowns).


With these key players giving their best throughout the season, the Packers may triumph this year instead of the highly favored Chiefs. Green Bay is a team that consists of elite players, capable of bringing home the Lombardi Trophy.

Factors That Can Affect The Super Bowl 55 Results

One of the major factors affecting the Super Bowl this year is the Coronavirus pandemic, which ccould rule key players out of the game. With even one important player missing at a crucual position, and the whole team will have a hard time ni trying to get the win.

The league and the players have insisted that they will not cut in line when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. The United States government has prioritized giving the vaccine to those most vulnerable to the disease, such as front line health care workers and the elderly.

The league will do their part to fight the pandemic by continuing to impose strict guidelines, such as wearing face masks, social distancing, and daily testing for their players and staff. The NFL will look after team staff’s health and well-being, especially the players, to avoid any delays or any alterations to the schedule.

Another factor that can affect the result of the Super Bowl is injuries. There are still a few games left on the road to the Super Bowl 55, and when players get injured in these remaining rounds of the playoffs, the predictions will once again alter drastically.

Football is a full-contact sport, which means significant injuries are normal and inevitable.They can happen at any time, even during the Super Bowl itself.

The third factor that can affect the performance of a player is the weather. Although both teams playing on the field experience the same weather condition, one team may perform better on a specific weather condition than the other.

Some teams can perform their best in all weather conditions, and some may struggle to play under specific weather. However, the weather would be the least of your worry for the Super Bowl or any other matches before that since no one exactly knows what the weather will be during the day of the event.


Weather reports cannot be completely trusted as they are not accurate all the time. The weather is just something to consider when picking a team to bet for any game, not only for the Super Bowl. Knowing how each team performs under different weather conditions is also important to have a heads up on what you should expect on the day of the game.

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