Jenn Sterger takes funny, but cheap shot at Brett Favre



This past weekend was the Brett Favre Legends Game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. (You know the exhibition flag football game that the Green Bay Packers wouldn’t let the Ole Gunslinger have at Lambeau, with the lamest excuse ever given as rationale). What was much more Favre newsworthy this past week however was a Tweet from Jenn Sterger

The 1-woman media circus who exposed the former Packers/Vikings/Jets QB in 2010 won ESPYs night, at least on Twitter, with this offering.

The ABC cameras caught Favre checking out and sizing up Caitlyn Jenner while his sits next to his wife. When you consider the fact that Favre’s wife looks exactly like an older version of Jenn Sterger, her Twitter joke was set up perfectly. As funny as it was, Favre is still the one who clearly “won” in the court of public opinion since the sexting scandal of five years ago. As tarnished as his reputation was in the fall of 2010, America seems to have forgotten about it now.

And the Caitlyn Jenner ESPY was no “Courage Award.” It was literally a crass exploitation play, and the smoking gun that proves that is out there. 

Favre admitted to leaving those voicemails for Sterger, and thereby confessed to aggressively hitting on the then Jets gameday hostess despite being a married co-worker. However, he still maintained that he never texted pictures of his penis to her.


Over time, his legacy still seems in tact, but Jenn Sterger’s career never recovered. She’s a comedian/actress/writer these days, but if you can name what media outlet she works for, what TV shows or movies she’s appeared in since 2010, or where she performs these days…you’re a stronger man than I.

Whatever she’s doing these days, or has done in the past five years, she’s still best known for 1a.) the Favre scandal or 1b.) her Florida State Cowgirl days.

Jenn Sterger doesn’t seem to have a problem conforming to those roles either. Wednesday night wasn’t the first time she re-hashed the time she was sexually harassed by #4 for comedic purposes. Here’s what Jenn Sterger tweeted in October when Peyton Manning broke the NFL touchdown pass record.

Today, it doesn’t seem like Brett Favre’s sexual harassment has traumatized Jenn Sterger too much. She has no problem calling attention to it whenever she can.

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  1. Silly boy.

  2. Sterger was OBVIOUSLY not offended by Farve’s texts and used them to gain attention.

    Any play she tries to use saying he harrassed her is absurd since she herself draws attention to it all the time. Seems she is an attention whore and that was her time to shine.

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