Why America Enjoyed Watching Aaron Rodgers Fail So Much


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At this point, I have to feel sorry for the Green Bay Packers fans who know what a terrible human being Aaron Rodgers really is. Seriously, you have to kind of feel bad for them, at least a little- the face of their franchise is just such a disgusting, insufferable excuse for a human being.

Watching him fail on Saturday night was just pure schadenfreude for the rest of the country, those of us who are not Packer Backers. And you got to feel sorry for his teammates in this regard- they didn’t choose to have the face of their franchise degenerate into a complete pos. When Aaron Rodgers got bounced from the NFL postseason, this past weekend, so many of us took to Twitter to celebrate.


He’s the new, individual version of the New York Yankees, L.A. Lakers, New England Patriots, Duke and Notre Dame combined. Except he just didn’t win that much, and not as much as the aforementioned teams do.

His off-the-field persona has gotten to be so bizarre and detestable now he’s basically on par with his predecessor, Brett Favre. Both are far right wing, anti-science piles of human feces.

Have you seen/heard Rodgers’ comments on President Joe Biden, and the once-in-a-century pandemic we’re STILL in, despite weirdo dipshits in high places saying they’re “done with this?”

If not, here it is, via ESPN:

“When the president of the United States says, ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ it’s because him and his constituents, which, I don’t know how there are any if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes,” Rodgers said Thursday.

“But when you say stuff like that, and then you have the CDC, which, how do you even trust them, but then they come out and talk about 75% of the COVID deaths have at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set saying that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that’s not helping the conversation.”

(Editor’s note: The CDC study found that in a group of 1.2 million people who were fully vaccinated between December 2020 and October 2021, 36 of them had a death associated with COVID-19—and that of those 36 people, 28, or about 78%, had at least four of eight risk factors.)

So with that in mind, this is what we’re going to do about ‘ol Throw Rogan here. Below you’ll see an excerpt from a piece I recently did for Gold Card Auction, much of which focused on Aaron Rodgers. Interspersed with that, some of the more memorable tweets I, my buddies did about him.

Or really good Tweets I saw celebrating the early end of Aaron Rodgers ‘ season. Enjoy!

Rodgers’ physical appearance is very earthy and granola, a stereotype that is synonymous with the left.

His alma mater is the University of California, Berkley which is about as hippy haven as it gets! And while his home state of California is as blue as it gets, his hometown of Chico, CA is more centrist. Both the city and the county it resides in lean liberal, but only slightly.

Rodgers has made remarks on social issues that could be classified as progressive positions, but he is definitely no hero of the left. His remarks about the covid-19 vaccine, and the misleading remarks he made about immunizations previously, pretty much destroyed any credibility he had with the American left.

Alienating himself further from progressives, he explained his position via buzzwords (“woke mobs,” “cancel culture”) that are much more frequently utilized by the right. Rodgers made several false statements about COVID-19, implying that unvaccinated people were not the group most affected by the pandemic. He also claimed he was “immunized,” but admitted he never received, nor plans to receive, the covid vaccine.

While he described himself as not being “anti-vax,” he went on to state several reasons why he believes getting vaccinated is a bad idea. He claims his protection against the deadly virus comes from substances a right-leaning podcast host advised him to use, including the horse medication ivermectin.

“I’ve been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C and D, HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine- the drug that Trump so infamously advocated for) … and I feel pretty incredible,” Rodgers said to a talk radio show.

In other words, Rodgers has been exposed (or some would say he willingly exposed himself) as a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer. These positions will not get you any new fans on the left that’s for sure.

Rodgers isn’t helped by the public perception of his partner, actress Shailene Woodley, as well, how can I put this? The Simpsons character Rainier Wolfcastle (a very thinly disguised Arnold Schwarzenegger) said of Lisa Simpson to her father Homer: “I see your daughter is one of those whale-kissing, Dukakis-hugging moon maidens.”

Pretty much how a lot of people think of Woodley, and thus what kind of influence she might have on Rodgers.

The sooner Aaron Rodgers decreases in relevance the better. Seriously, what a tremendous fuckhead, through and through.

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