Favre to Vikings?



Answers by Andy Weise, Questions by Paul M. Banks 

Is Ted Thompson getting desperate enough to deal Favre within the division?
Thompson is losing this PR battle against Favre. Sending the President of the organization (Not saying that was T.T.’s call) but sending Mark Murphy to offer Favre $20 million to stay retired!? Are you kidding me? I’m really trying to hold my bias aside, but would the NFL really want that? One of the most storied quarterbacks in the game wants to come back and they want to pay him all this money to stay retired. Did the Bulls try to do this when Jordan was coming back with the Wizards? Maybe the internet wasn’t what it was towards the beginning of this decade but seriously, I cannot believe the Packers think they can pay him off to stay retired. Let the guy play, somewhere! Favre won’t talk to many teams so it’s forcing Thompson to consider the neighboring Minnesota Vikings. Favre has connections with kicker Ryan Longwell, safety Darren Sharper, receiver Robert Ferguson and Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, his former QB coach. Favre WANTS to come to the Vikings, there’s no doubt in my mind at this point.
Aside from the obvious (those affiliated with the Vikings) who stands to gain the most should the Vikings acquire Brett Favre?
Me? No honestly, Vikings fans. Zygi Wilf. The Vikings organization. The NFL. The biggest thing this will do is make the Vikings a must-see team the whole year. The drama will produce ratings unheard of. Imagine Monday Night Football, Favre running out in white, purple and gold, the ratings will be Super Bowlish. It will be like the first time Shaq and Kobe were on the same floor after the trade times 100. I was getting way too excited when that game happened and I can’t even imagine the emotion behind seeing Favre with the Vikings for that game. Oh yes, that game where he was supposed to have his jersey retired. That was only about a month ago right? My how things have changed! The Vikings will finally get their stadium if they get Brett Favre. I thought with all the moves they’ve done this off-season they’ll get it, but now I’m convinced if Favre is here, the stadium will follow.
How much would it cost? And why doesn’t #4 want to go to the Jets?
Depending on where he goes. Inside of the NFC North division? Probably a second rounder. At least. Rumors have surfaced that the Packers have asked for a second round pick and RB Chester Taylor. The Vikings will not make Taylor a part of any deal unless Ryan Grant is coming to the Vikings. As far as the Jets go, Favre said back when he “retired” that anything less than a Super Bowl is a disappointment. The problem with not only the Jets but also the Bucs and many other teams (Ravens, Bears) is that they’re not really a threat to win a Super Bowl this year. I think that’s why Favre wants to come to the Vikings.

So would this make Minnesota the presumptive nominee for the NFC Super Bowl candidate? Favre instead of Jackson is like _____ instead of ____________
I would imagine so. You go out and get the best defensive end in the league last year, you pick up a key WR (Berrian) and S (Madieau Williams) and then you get Brett Favre? Even David K. told me that we’re a QB away from being a great team. If you bring in Brett Favre, aren’t you a great team? I don’t see how it couldn’t add up. Oh and to finish your second part, Favre instead of Jackson is like Favre instead of Aaron Rodgers. Oops, did I just say that?
The next time Brett Favre retires, how about no one makes any hullabaloo about it? And they just treat it as a footnote?
Love the idea. My only problem with Favre besides that he was Green Bay’s second coming of Jesus, is that he’s a media whore. Can I say that? I would like to think he doesn’t try, but I think he loves the attention. If he were to come to the Vikings, I’d be fine with it but if he starts to play those mind games at the end of the year, I don’t think the Vikings will have a problem moving on. Then again, I think he wants to play another couple years.

Way off the topic, but still related to Minnesota sports…With the GOP Convention coming to town in a month and the global news that a bathroom in your hometown’s airport made…can you get me one of those crazy Sen. Larry Craig bobble-foot dolls that the St. Paul Saints gave away recently?
I went to a Saints game a couple weeks ago but unfortunately it was not the night they were giving those bobble-foot dolls away. What a great promotion though, the Saints marketing team deserves a raise.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    Who’s going to take the next Favre article? me, Pete, Seymour Pennants? LOL!

    I’ll make sure everyone gets their turn…. :)

  2. How much for a bobble foot doll?
    Enjoyed your perspective, Andy.

  3. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Maybe the can pay me $25 million to stay home?!?!

  4. I’m actually starting to wish Favre gets traded to the Vikes… just a little bit… I must now put my head in the oven for a few minutes…

  5. I am going to try out for the Vikes, Jackson threw three picks in 7 on 7 drills!!!

    Remember 7 on 7 drills is guys going out for a pass and there is NO RUSH…You sit back in the pocket and throw bombs all day!!!

    Packers are GAY, I am mad at Favre. and I think I am a better quarterback then Jackson!!!I am in my prime!!!!

    Chillin Like A Villin…Moe Diddy STill Runs The City!!!

  6. I agree with most of what you’re saying, but it’s not really the NFL’s choice about what Favre does. Leagues always want certain teams to win and players to excel because of the revenue they bring in, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way because they can’t really control the performance. At this point, I could live with Favre in Minnesota for many reasons I already explained to you (Weise), but it seems more likely he’s actually going to take that money, which obviously I would prefer. Favre can’t make up his mind because he can’t let go of the game, something that happens to almost all greats when they retire, so the best Green Bay could do to prevent the chances of him hurting us on another team is to offer that marketing deal and try to convince him it would be a positive thing for him in retirement. I thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but it looks like Favre is buying into it a little bit more. It’s Favre’s fault in the first place for this mess, but the Packers have done nothing but pitch in digging themselves a hole he started when he said he wanted to come back then backed off a few days later. If he is sent to the Vikings, there will be an end of the year circus so enjoy the coverage. It’ll get old quick. By the way, I think Rodgers is and will be a better quarterback than Tarvaris Jackson, but that’s an issue we might be able to settle in a few months.

  7. Peter Christian says

    What bugs me the most is that the media is consistently reporting that Packer fans are 50/50 in this controversy. I’m not sure how the Packer front office got “Wag the Dog” type control over ESPN and other national outlets but really? Outside of a few thick-skulled cro-magnon type Packer fans who were actually alive for all 12 NFL Championships, most fans are just wanting this to go away any way possible. They love the Packers and for the last 17 million years (seems like that long) Favre literally WAS the Packers. Now, two hun-yucks with less than 6 combined years of devotion to Green Bay are forcing the issue and instead of playing this one the right way (let Brett do what he wants, forever) they are going to be remembered as the guys who tried to ruin Brett Favre’s legacy and then tried to bribe him to stay retired so they could start an unproven quarterback who comes from a line of underachieving high-profile college QB’s and only ended up in GB because his draft stock plummeted due to questions about his ability. Not because of off the field issues or a bad interview but his ABILITY!!! In 3 years as a backup he has put together 1.5 quarters of good NFL football but the Packers brass is convinced he is the one to lead this team. If that decision doesn’t sound like a surefire decision to lead the Packers out of the play-offs I don’t know what does. Why would you take a team that was one drive away from the Super Bowl and take a step backwards at the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION ON THE FIELD???? You don’t. Unless your previous profession was being the athletic director at the least successful athletic department in the history of the Big Ten. Or you turned a three time defending Division champion into the third worst team in the league. One great season does not give a GM the right to turn the team back towards the toilet and that is exactly what Thompson and Murphy are doing.

  8. let’s change this topic to… Favre to Tampa Bay

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