ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones violates parole



Remember our good friend Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones? The former schoolteacher was indicted on charges of having sex with a student. Originally she pleaded not guilty but now she’s accepted a plea deal. And she showed up to court with that student who she is now dating. She even divorced her husband of one year to date him.  Jones, sometimes referred to as the female Jerry Sandusky is an interesting case.


Now she’s violated her probation and cheerleader Sarah Jones will have to wear an ankle bracelet due to parole violation.

(oh, and plenty of cheerleader/bikini photos to follow after the jump).


Jones, who accepted a plea deal to avoid jail time for having a sexual relationship with a student while she was a high school teacher, violated a condition of her deal after leaving her native state of Kentucky without the permission of her parole officer. She will now be forced to wear an electronic monitoring device as punishment.

From FOX 19: via Bush League Chronicles

According to Kenton County court documents, the parole officer was made aware that Jones was in Cincinnati on Jan. 29, 2013 to do a radio interview on 700 WLW. The interview was related to Jones’ involvement in the sex charges against her and her recent civil case against the website, thedirty.com.

Jones is permitted to be in Ohio for work and school purposes only. She currently works for her attorney, Eric Deters, and attends classes at the University of Cincinnati.

“Sarah Jones’ appearance on WLW was during work hours at my request, I’m her boss, about her libel case against thedirty.com, and it’s work purpose was to refute stories in the aftermath of the verdict. It’s my opinion it was not a probation violation. She was not given a hearing. She accepted the monitor because she can still go where she is allowed.” Deters said in an e-mail to FOX19.


And here’s the story of Jones in animated form


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