Ten Most Popular NFL Stories Ever: Happy 4th of July!



Happy Independence day everybody! Baseball has the nickname “the national past time,” but that moniker was bestowed upon the sport a very long time ago. That designation is very outdated, as the NFL is truly king in America. As the great Bob Costas said, at a time when everything is in niches, the NFL cuts across all demographics.

So celebrate the Fourth of July with our ten most popular NFL articles of all time. Kick back relax and click these links where highlight to help you past the time until training camp opens. It won’t be very long now.


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Editor’s note: the numbers indicate how many unique visitors each article has received

  1. 2014 NFL Mock Draft Final Edition    97,034 

2. 2015 NFL Mock Draft Final Edition    68,709

Now you understand why we do so many NFL mock drafts all the time! And why I update it every week!


3. Why Do So Many People Think Aaron Rodgers is Gay? 62,292


4. Inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room 56,727 


5. FOX Sports Hires Holly Sonders Away from Golf Channel 49,810

6. Faith Hill and Sunday Night Football Part Ways (Exclusive) 46,586

Yes, absolutely no one outside of reporters cares or remembers who broke a news story first, but we did have this scoop ahead of everybody else.


7. Ines Sainz, N.Y. Jets, Clinton Portis, Brian Baldinger All Making Us Dumber 43,345

8. 2013 NFL Mock Draft Final Edition    42,050

9. 2016  NFL Mock Draft Final Edition    41,452


10. Charissa Thompson Gives Interesting Take on Greg Hardy Debacle 41,395

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