Orange and Blue Line Construction Led to Train Rex



By Paul M. Banks

“Statistics are like bikinis: what they reveal is provocative, what they conceal is vital!” I forgot who made that wonderful quote, but it certainly applies to Saturday night’s Bears preseason loss in Seattle. Starting quarterback Rex Grossman was sacked and intercepted just once. However, those numbers don’t tell us how he spent most of the night running for his life behind a severely damaged orange and blue line in front of him. Pressure off the end led to his lone INT and the constant Seahawks rush forced him into making (almost exclusively) short check down passes. This yielded two more revealing and indicative statistics: an awful less than 5 yards per pass attempt, which was a component of a dreadful 44.9 passer rating. Obviously, this performance contributed to Kyle Orton being named the starter for the season opener. First round draft pick Chris Williams missing at least half of the season is very damaging, because it’s actually a loss of two projected starters. John Tait has to remain at left tackle (where Williams was penciled in) instead of shifting over to right tackle which would have been an upgrade from last year at both positions. Terrence Metcalf is also recovering from surgery, meaning John St. Clair and Josh Beekman, neither of which are truly NFL caliber starting linemen, are now going to see a majority of time on the field.


So what can they do to fix their offensive line problem? Re-sign Fred Miller? Play more “double tight” sets with the Tight Ends staying at home more to block? I spoke with starting tight end Desmond Clark after the final full-pads practice in Camp Bourbonnais. “I don’t think you’re going to see us change anything; I don’t think we’re going to be doing anything different from what we did last year. I think our offensive line will protect just as well as any other offensive line. I don’t see any reason that the tight ends will have to stay in any more than we usually do,” Clark said.


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  1. I mean Kyle Orton, really? I guess either way it’s a lose-lose for the Bears… maybe that Hanie kid is the answer… still, Bears look DUMB for not getting a real QB in the off-season… have fun with the neckbeard

  2. paulmbanks says

    Orton’s numbers are trending upward during his career, while Rex’s passing rating is declining over the course of career. Look at it that way! its not where we are gentlemen, its where we are going!

    And he is a much better fit for this offense and their game plan.

  3. Neither QB is the answer but I’d rather rule out Orton once and for all as Grossman blew his chances. For all fans who bought a grossman jersey, simpli tape over his name and then tape a 1 in front of the 8. Magically you have an Orton jersey.

  4. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    Ha ha. good advice Bobby!

    Jason Street. the QB who was starting ahead of me got hurt. So you never know when Kyle might go down and rex will have to start some games this season. Especially with this lack of protection

  5. Peter Christian says

    It is a great sign for the Vikings when the Detroit Lions have the most accomplished (and most miraculous) quarterback in the division.

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