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By Paul M. Banks
Comcast Sports Net’s Dan Jiggetts is one of the finest football minds in Chicago.

In college he was a two-time first team All-Ivy League offensive tackle, captaining Harvard’s first undisputed Ivy League Championship in 1975. Considered one of the finest linemen in the history of the League, he was named to the Ivy’s Silver Anniversary All-Star Team and was inducted into the Harvard Varsity Hall of Fame. After an All-American season, Jiggetts was drafted in 1976 by the Chicago Bears and played 98 games with them during his career which lasted until 1982. Today, Jiggetts works for CSN in Chicago; following stints with CBS, ESPN and WSCR in the Chi, the nation’s third largest media market.

I first asked him about the Chicago Bears’ Alumni program

“Other than coming back for the alumni game, we have a dinner the night before and all that, we reconnect with some old friends and that kind of thing. Some of the guys that you heard about when you were playing, they come back too, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.”

On the Chicago Bears players and alumni that drop by for his show or used to…

“There was a time when a show that I did had a lot of them stopping by, but now for the most part, it’s all post-game and Bears Blitz and stuff, so they’re not really available for that.”


What advice he has for current players looking to get into the sports broadcasting business following their pro career…

“1.) Enjoy a lot of different sports, because you’ll be asked to comment on more than football 2.) And remember that it’s a lot of work, that’s something that most of them are used to, but remember it is full time! Those are the two suggestions I have. If you have a passion for it, pursue it. If you don’t have a passion for it, you might be better off doing something else.”

I finished by asking him “what’s your favorite aspect of your job?”

“Anytime I get an opportunity to go to work, wherever I am, that’s my favorite aspect. Ha ha ha ha!”

Seriously, I love that last quote. I couldn’t agree more. And love my job equally as much.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got the passion for it too.

  2. EIU Cheerleader/SICA Chick says

    I Have passion for Jiggetts…and men in tight pants

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