Brian Urlacher Out for Season



By Paul M. Banks

In the picture above, Brian Urlacher’s wrist (and hand) obviously felt a lot better than it does today. This morning, the Chicago Bears All-World Linebacker supposedly sent a text message to the organization stating simply, “it’s over,” “the season’s over,” or something to that extent. This is no Jeff Goldblum-is-dead internet type of rumor. It’s all over the place, even the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network is reporting it. Urlacher texted the biggest local daily paper here in Chicago, and one of our favorite ESPN talking heads just said on the air that he got email confirmation on this story as well. Urlacher will need surgery on his right wrist, which may be done as early as this week.

Surely, his hand felt no pain in the picture leading this post.

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  1. Lovie will have a press conf at 3:45 today to talk about this…I guess Lovie will be slightly less boring to listen to than usual, as he’ll be discussing breaking news…well, by that time in the afternoon everyone will have known, so it won;’t be breaking any more

  2. It seems like half the Bears starters went down last night, including 2/3 of their linebackers. That’s pretty brutal to start the season and kind of takes some of the luster away from a possible three way race for the North. Then again, it’s not like Jay Cutler had a better defense in Denver.

  3. Cutler is kind of a prick. and that’s fine when he’s your prick, and playing well and the team is good. But when he plays like crap, and the team loses, hsi being a prick is going to be devastating. especially when you have to put 2 WRs JOhnny Knox and Earl Bennett, out there who have no clue what they’re doing.

  4. The Urlacher injury reminds me of Brady last year

  5. rikki greenberg says

    Ahh yes the best Urlacher picture ever.

    What’s really impressive about this picture is that his hand covers her entire ginormous implant.

    You know what that means ladies right???

    Big gloves!!!!

  6. Urlacher’s hand size=42 DD

  7. rikki.greenberg says

    LOL point for Banks

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