Bears Season Preview- Offense



By Paul M. Banks

Without a doubt, the third NFL preseason game is always the most important and most telling. It’s the game where the starters will log the most minutes. Losing to a prospectively horrible team like the San Francisco 49ers at home isn’t the end of the world, (hey, its still preseason) but it’s not a good sign. On the offensive side of the ball the Bears have plenty of question marks, starting with…

The Offensive Line

The fact that first round draft pick Chris Williams will miss at least half of the season is very damaging, because it’s actually a loss of two projected starters. John Tait has to remain at left tackle (where Williams was penciled in) instead of shifting over to right tackle which would have provided an upgrade from last year at both positions. Terrence Metcalf is also recovering from surgery, meaning that John St. Clair and Josh Beekman, neither of which is a true NFL caliber starting lineman, are now going to see a majority of time on the field. What can they really do to fix this offensive line problem? Re-sign Fred Miller? 4-12 or worse might be inevitable if they can’t find someone to block up front.


Starting signal caller Kyle “Capt. Neckbeard” Orton had a 126.7 QB rating in the third preseason game. Canton is calling! Ok, not really, but it’s a start. We all know that he’s put up some ugly numbers during his time in the NFL so far, but his career numbers are still trending upward, unlike Rex Grossman. And his career winning percentage as a starter is higher than Grossman’s as well.

Running Back

According to the Bears media guide Matt Forte accomplished quite a bit at Tulane. Whats most interesting He even technically started a game at quarterback (he took a direct snap on the first play of one game) so Bears fans who are currently unaware of him, should take heed in knowing he has tremendous potential…Maybe be even to play quarterback (just kidding) He’s still making a lot of rookie mistakes, but has shown a lot of acceleration and toughness in practice. He has plenty of potential and Kevin Jones being removed from the PUP (awwww, isn’t that a cute name for a Physically Unable to Perform list?) list and actually contributing this season will help. You really have to have TWO starting caliber tailbacks over the grind of the NFL season and Garret Wolfe and Adrian Peterson are not first team quality.


Wide Receiver

 With two 1 and 1a guys (Devin Hester/Rashied Davis on one side, Brandon Lloyd/Marty Booker on the other) “starting” at WR on the depth chart, someone in the mix could be the odd man out eventually. Do you keep the rookie draft pick Earl Bennett or 2005 second rounder Mark Bradley?
The former has made some noise in preseason on the return team, the latter had a some big plays Thursday. Perhaps they will keep six after all. You’ve heard the old adage “never fall in love with a stock.” No NFL team makes this specific mistake in regards to their draft picks like the Bears. So which stock do you hold? The one you purchased recently or the equity from three years ago?  



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  1. paulmbanks says

    Although preseason games dont mean much, it wouldn’t hurt to win one at least

  2. prowriter0923 says

    R u talking about Orton in the quarterback paragraph? There isn’t a name mentioned so I’m not sure who you’re talking about.

    I’m still waiting to see Forte’s potential…he snubbed my brother for an autograph so I have a personal grudge against him. Shoulda signed an autograph buddy!

  3. paulmbanks says

    Good catch! fixed it. I’ve become so engrossed in the team that I sometimes take basic facts for granted

  4. Peter Christian says

    The Bears are going to be in rough shape. I like Forte, but in no way is Kevin Jones a starting caliber tailback. He couldn’t even keep the job in Detroit and they pretty much got their 2nd and 3rd string tailbacks from the crowd before each game. And Brandon Lloyd as a 1a WR? Devin Hester as a bona fide #1 WR? Puhh-lease. Both have a long way to go to prove they are anything better than a slot option WR in the NFL. Des Clark and Greg Olson are the keys to the Bears passing offense and could combine for 120+ catches between the two of them.

  5. paulmbanks says

    I agree about the TEs being a huge part of the passing game. They have the most talent on the squad and Turner was effective in running a lot of TE drag, slant and out routes while he was at Illinois. He’ll probably call a lot of those this year with the Bears too.

    You have to admit that Jones is an upgrade over Ced Benson though

  6. Peter Christian says

    Both Ced and Kev are from the same ilk. Great College runners against inferior athletes, in the NFL they are low YPC guys that don’t add any pop to your offense. Neither have shown the commitment to be the guy who can get the yards when the offense needs them. The same goes for the Receiving corps.

  7. Start Adrian Peterson!

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