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David K. vs. Rikki Greenberg 

(DK) When Lovie Smith held his first press conference after being introduced as the new head coach of the Chicago Bears, he immediately won over the hearts of Chicagoans by saying his number one goal was to beat the Packers.  To date, the Lovie-led Bears have done exactly that, compiling a 6-3 record against their rivals to the north.  This time around, their second meeting is lacking in terms of importance, at least from a Packer fan standpoint, since Green Bay is 5-9 and was officially eliminated from the playoff picture last weekend.  Does this game carry the same firepower in terms of the rivalry considering the Packers aren’t playing for anything?
(RG) Of course! What makes this game so great is the fact the Bears were publicly embarrassed earlier in the season by the Green and Gold. If the Bears hadn’t played so badly, this game wouldn’t matter nearly as much. Obviously, the postseason opportunity adds some juice to the affair, but the real immunity booster is the chance at showing up a rival who has a better chance statistically (5-3 in Monday night editions of the series) at coming out victorious.

(DK) You touched on the Bears having a slight chance of making the playoffs, needing a few different scenarios to happen in Sunday’s games.  I am still slightly baffled that a team who entered the season with Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman as their quarterbacks is even in the playoff hunt in week 16.  Chicago is still technically alive, but do they have a realistic chance of making the playoffs?

(RG) If the Bears (8-6) win against Green Bay on Monday Night Football, than yes, I think the Bears have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. The Orange and Blue had one of their worst performances against Green Bay, with the Packers dominating all phases of the game (total yards, time of possession and first downs to name a few). The Packers made a joke out of the Bear defense, with a season-high yards 200 rushing yards and sent an unhealthy Captain Neckbeard into panic multiple times on the other side of the ball. Since then, the Pack have fallen from NFC North contenders to third place in the division; the Bears are 3-4 yet still fighting for the postseason.

If the Bears play smart on Monday night, I expect to see rookie running back Matt Forte getting a lot of touches against the Packers 26th ranked run defense. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (296-of-466 for 3,470 yards, 23 TD, 12 INT) has been interception-happy these past few weeks, so I would be extremely disappointed if weak-side linebacker Lance Briggs (the Bears only Pro Bowler this year), free safety Mike Brown and Daniel Manning don’t grab a couple gifts from Rodgers.


(DK) I would expect to see a steady dose of Matt Forte on Monday night as well.  The Pack’s d-line has been ineffective all season long with Aaron Kampman being the only player who can get any pressure on the quarterback without using blitzes, which Green Bay seldom does.  Their secondary was a strength for the first half of the season, but injuries have taken their toll on that group and they have been beat by several big plays during their four-game skid.  Rodgers has been effective and a pleasant surprise all things considered, but still the Packers have massively underachieved a year after almost making the Super Bowl.  What happened to the Pack this season (and notice how I didn’t mention Brett Favre’s name once so far?)

(RG) As you mentioned, the Green Bay defense is hot, stinky garbage in recent weeks. Panthers running back D’Angelo Williams scored a season high four touchdowns against GB a few weeks ago while Texans quarterback Matt Schaub unleashed an air attack on the Cheeseheads, recording a career-high 414 passing yards, with 58 of those yards coming on a deep touchdown pass to veteran wide receiver Kevin Walter on the first drive of the game.  Even Houston’s punter Matt Turk (yes…even the punter) joined in the fun with an 18-yard gain and a first down off a potentially blocked punt.  
The Packers offense hasn’t been as awful as the defense, but Packers quarterback Aaron Rodger’s apparent confusion over which jersey to throw to, especially at critical parts of the game, has proved to be costly for the team. Since his appearance at Soldier’s Field during Week 11, Rodgers has thrown six interceptions in the last four games.

(DK) Yeah, Favre would have been crucified if he threw those late in the game picks, but apparently Rodgers still has his training wheels on and isn’t taking a lot of heat.  (Ok, I had to throw that fact in there.)  For the first time in a long time, I really don’t have a whole lot of interest in watching a Packers-Bears game.  Strange.  Playing the role of spoiler and completing the season sweep would give me some nice bragging rights though…


  1. prowriter0923 says

    I was surprised at how little I mentioned Favre as well.

    So do I sense a challenge David?? Are you saying that the Pack are going to win tomorrow night?

    I’m throwing down the red flag than…it’s on like donkey kong lol

  2. prowriter0923 says

    Also…the pic with Rex is great.

    Nothing like a sexually implied picture to class up the story.

  3. EIU Cheerleader/SICA Chick says


  4. it’s weird cuz I could actually care less if the Packers lose… I’m de-sensitized to Green Bay this year… it’s weird

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