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charissa thompson

This morning, FOX’s Charissa Thompson gave her take on the Greg Hardy situation and the national backlash it’s caused.  While Thompson made a lot of solid points, the real story in her take on the situation is the progressive action taken by FOX here.

Too often, the NFL talking head shows paint women into a narrow little box. Most of the time, these formulaic in format programs relegate women to duties that go something like this:

toss open ended softball to Meathead I who gives scorching hot take on topic A, then quickly reset and reframe question to Meathead II, who gives diametrically opposed take on topic A as Meathead I. Then it’s time to throw to really fast-talking, slick-haired guy in very expensive suit who the inside-iest of all insiders with inside inside-ination.

charissa thompson

Rinse and repeat a script “so formulaic, it could have spewed from the Powerbook of the laziest Hollywood hack,” as Sideshow Bob would say. Of course, this genre is by far the lesser of two evils when it comes to the two roles that the major national networks give to women in sports media.

The other is sideline interviews, which consist of mostly asking one of four questions “walk us through XYZ…..,” “How does it feel to ABC,” “Why is your team so good at 123?” “What were/will be your halftime adjustments?”

Most importantly, the interviewer must nod repeatedly and act like whatever hackneyed corporate drivel she hears is actually something worthwhile.

Unless there’s actual injury news, which teams go to tremendous lengths to keep from getting out, sideline reporting is a pointless, worthless endeavor that needs to be killed off ASAP.


So again, kudos to FOX for finally letting a woman perform a role in sports media that is a lot more substantive and meaningful than the two previously stated shallow and shopworn positions. We need more platforms for women like Charissa Thompson to speak out.

Charissa Thompson offers her take on the Greg Hardy situation on FOX NFL KICKOFF:

So many aspects of this story are disturbing. Greg Hardy did a terrible thing and no tweet he’s going to send out is going to make that all OK. But as a society, we have to decide how to deal with people who do that. As a league, the NFL has to decide what moral stand it wants to take. And as a team, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have to live with their decisions. But for this week, I want all of us as media and fans to think about how we react to this news. Too often people are waiting for those videos or photos before they have a reaction and too often, the reports from the victims even when proven true are not enough. Terrible things happen and there won’t always be photos or videos to confirm it.”

Charissa Thompson is totally right about how much difference a photo or a video makes, and that’s rather sad and unfortunate.


That’s the difference here between Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, and that’s a bit depressing. If there was a corresponding elevator video for Hardy like there was with Rice, he would have similarly been black-balled by the league. The Cowboys would have never signed him if the visuals had already been out there. Sad but true.

Lots of NFL pundits have been calling out Jones and the Cowboys over all this, but ESPN reporter Wendi Nix probably did so in the most effective way this morning. (You can watch video of that here at this link)

FOX’s Terry Bradshaw called out the so-called “America’s Team” over this back on October 13th. His rant was epically spot on. Last Sunday, the NFL on CBS crew shredded Jones and the Cowboys over this topic, and deservedly so. With Deadspin releasing the police photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, along with new details from the incident on Friday, the topic domainted the Sunday NFL talking head shows.


Also be sure to check out today’s takes on the Greg Hardy situation from CBS’ The NFL Today crew. Lots of on point perspectives, especially so from James Brown. 

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