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The selfishness of Brett Favre has come to the forefront this week. His tone has certainly changed once some excrement has hit the fan surrounding him and his Minnesota Vikings teammates. The Jenn Sterger case is progressing briskly at this juncture and NFL executives have made comments that a judgment is quickly on the horizon. The team is out of contention and they have essentially lost the advantage of hosting two home games these past couple weeks.

Favre’s streak of 297 straight starts recently ended at Ford Field. After this loss and no further chance to make the playoffs, Favre has hinted at numbness in his hand and a recently sprained shoulder. The team has implied they will soon place him on the injured reserve list to free up a roster spot.

By Patrick Herbert


The recent signing of Patrick Ramsey from the scrap heap has makes some believe rookie Joe Webb is likely to start the Monday Night Football telecast from TCF Bank Stadium.

Favre is only interested in being an active member of the Vikings when he can be in the spotlight of a playoff run. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of training camp or playing out the season with little opportunity for glory at the end, he is nowhere to be found.

Randy Moss came under fire earlier this season for berating the food from a local Twin Cities’ restaurant, but Favre seems like the kind of guy who runs for the restroom when the check comes. The honorable thing would be to retire at this point, but then he couldn’t retain the remaining portion of the renegotiated contract that he held out for in the offseason.

It leaves me to believe that the team was disingenuous with Favre during the offseason about the seriousness of the situations regarding Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. If Favre would have known that they would be absent for substantial portions of the season, it is hard to fathom that he would have come back to the team headquarters.

If this is indeed the case, then they certainly deserve each other and everything that has transpired. Each side was trying to get the upper hand through shortcuts and half truths.

It certainly is possible that my assertions and predictions will not come to fruition in the coming weeks, but one must consider where this blogger suggested that the last “home game” against the Giants should have taken place.

It is curious to notice that this week’s event has been relocated to the University of Minnesota. Maybe Roger Goodell is a fan of

If that is the case, the check should be in the mail because I deserve a consulting fee. I’ve finished patting myself on the back now and the analysis will continue.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has complained about the possibility of unsafe field conditions on Monday night. It would concern me too if I had to take the snaps behind that offensive line.

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  1. Really? The NFL couldn’t move the game to TCF last week because it would’ve taken five or more days to play there. Meanwhile they could play in Detroit with just one day-delay.

    To think that decision had anything to do with Favre is foolish.

    I also don’t understand how you call Brett Favre selfish but then let him off the hook because you think Minnesota lied to him about Harvin and Rice? Which is it?

  2. Patrick Herbert says

    The point is that both sides are not innocent bystanders in the whole process my friend. I don’t buy that it would take that long…period. I don’t believe everthing I hear from talking heads.

  3. That tinfoil cap on your head looks beautiful.

  4. Patrick Herbert says

    It is a complex world. Ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

  5. I think the issue of how long it was going to take to get the field ready was mostly centered on shoveling the field, thawing it, repainting it, and thawing it again. And I hope this isn’t your first time realizing that the Vikings AND Favre were manipulating the situation. That was apparent last offseason. They both are getting everything they deserve.

  6. HJB, c’mon you’re better than this….you can tell that Herbs was saying both side are guility here- because they are.

    I’m not sure Favre really wanted to come back this yr at all. I think maybe his injuries might have finally been legit this time..but when someone throws all that monet at you

  7. And now that the field is ready. the concern is getting the field to stay in game shape. there’s only so much you can do to heat it externally, but once you start playing on it, it;s only going to get hard again, becuase the air temperature is ogin to be so cold tongiht. they have no way of keeping it warm enough.

    see the post I just put up about Kluwe’s tweets

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