Brett Favre Impersonator on the Loose at Green Bay Packer Practice


Brett Favre’s people claim he hasn’t been in Green Bay since the Minnesota Vikings played there last season. Even though Favre is no longer in the tiny hamlet where he made his legend with the Packers, a reasonable facsimile is. Or perhaps not such a reasonable facsimile, you can tell him apart from the ole text message slinger, but some of Green Bay’s dumber football fans cannot.

The unidentified Fake Favre has been seen in the stands at Packer practices posing for pictures with fans.

Uhm yeah, why would the real Favre be randomly sitting in the stands at practice? Don’t you think he’d have the connections with the club to be in a more secure, exclusive location?

And why would he be wearing his own jersey to watch practice? We know Favre is an attention whore, but he’s seriously not that histrionic and narcissistic to pull a stunt like that.

What is wrong with these idiot football fans?

The Green Bay Press-Gazette claims that one local restaurant owner said the same guy came in and signed autographs in Favre’s name.

I’m not sure if that’s a crime- maybe low level fraud?

Why isn’t Rachel Nichols following this guy around?

And aren’t NFL fans more intelligent than this?

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