Bold Super Bowl Predictions


By the TSB Staff

All the Super Bowl predictions you could ask for are right here. We mapped out every single thing that’s going to happen in this Super Bowl, and pretty much every comment that will be made by the announcers. And put it all together in a fun Super Bowl drinking game for your enjoyment.


As a southside Chicago guy (SICA!!! T.F. South in the house) and University of Illinois alum, I’m all in for Pierre Thomas and his New Orleans Saints. And yes, I’m crazy enough to think they can pull off the monster upset. Dwight Freeney not playing/playing at 100% will make a big difference, and I think New Orleans will, to use the second MOST PAINFUL cliche in history, ” shock the world tonight”.

The #1 painfully overused cliche is of course “Saints march into….” If I started an extermination camp for media members that write/speak that phrase, I don’t think the Federal government would consider that a crime! Saints win 38-37


With a match-up of two high powered passing offenses, I’d expect nothing less than a handful of spectacular Brett Favre-Andre Rison, Ben Roethlisberger-Santonio Holmes, Eli Manning-David Tyree caliber Super Bowl moments. I think Indianapolis pulls out a close one based on Peyton Manning’s experience and cerebellum. Drew Brees will expose an overrated defense and the New Orleans playmakers will create more match-up problems than the Colts saw from the Jets and Ravens combined. If the Saints can create turnovers, as they do every time a momentum shift is needed, they’ll pull off the upset. But at this point, I don’t see Manning making too many mistakes on his way to his second Super Bowl victory. Colts win 31-27.


Indianapolis 37, New Orleans 24
You’re not going to run away from the Saints offense. It isn’t going to happen.  They have too many weapons to keep shut down for an entire game, so this will be a shootout.

But they don’t have Peyton Manning. Quite simply, no quarterback in the NFL is playing as well as Manning is right now — he is in another world compared to everyone else. In fact, we may be watching a QB who is historically great. And that’s what the NFL is all about now, who has the quarterback playing the best. If your QB is, you’ve got a better than average chance of winning. If your QB is Manning, chances are you’re GOING to win.

The Colts’ starters haven’t lost a game yet this season. Unless we see Curtis Painter play extensive, meaningful minutes, that won’t happen today either.


  1. paulmbanks says

    Khloe Kardashian is really unfortunate looking! Good thing she married Lamar Odom who looks like an actual human being. Imagine if she hooked up with Joakim Noah! what type of children would they produce?

  2. who picked the Saints??? Yeah that’s right bitches!! I own you guys. period

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