BE WARY of Tiki Barber-Tracy Lynn Johnson links!! MALWARE!


traci lynn johnson

By Paul M. Banks

You probably have heard the story about former New York Giants tailback Tiki Barber, and his extremely douchebag move of leaving his pregnant-with-twins wife of 11 years Ginny, to be with his 23 year old model/former NBC intern girlfriend Tracy Lynn Johnson.

The story is causing an absolute firestorm on “the internets.” It’s absolutely blowing up on sports blogs.

BUT BE VERY CAREFUL! What you click on….

As of 7pm CT on April 7th, these were the top ten links on Google for Tracy Lynn Johnson, the RIDICULOUSLY hot (yes, she is gorgeous, but Barber is still a douchebag)

Notice how entries 3-9 are all the exact same thing? With the simple heading Tracy Lynn Johnson? I got a warning message when trying to click on each and everyone of them. So avoid them at all costs! I’ve spent way too much time this past month dealing with viruses, malware, and denial of service attacks. Trust me- this is peril you’ll want to avoid!

traci lynn johnson

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